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A spaceship carrying passengers on a tour in a nearby galaxy get sucked through a wormhole and crash land on an Earth like planet. Can they survive? Will they ever get home to the Stations? What will they do when they discover they're not alone?

Chapter 1


by: Salocin
People left Earth about fifty years ago after humanity was almost wiped to extinction, they all live in Space Stations around the Solar System. Our Station is called Orion, it holds 5,000 people. There are 250 Space Stations that makes the population a little over 1,000,000. The Spaceship we were on was Odyssey: Galileo. It holds 150 passengers and 12 crew. The year is 2589.

Odyssey:Galileo wasn't at full capacity, there were 134 people on board, passengers and crew. 91 die in the crash. 43 survive and are faced now with the challenge of getting home.

I'll come up with the names of some of the other Stations later. If you have any ideas though feel free to tell me.

Name: Thomas Quinn
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wavy light blond hair, Bright blue eyes, pale skin, wears prescription sunglasses due to eyes being very sensitive to light.
Personality: Funny, sarcastic, curious, adventurous, inquisitive
Traveling With: Family, Husband Seth 31, three sons, Logan 12, Riley 8, Skyler 5.
Other: Carries a backpack everywhere, has survival stuff and other things, Seth always teased him saying he’ll never need it. Middle son Riley has asthma.

I want different kinds of people. Also no one is there alone. So no 14 year old that’s an orphan, got kicked out, runaway, and is now all messed up in the head. To see what I’m NOT looking for go to the sign up on the last group story I did. To anyone that did see it. The same applies for this one.

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Age: (22-∞)
Traveling With:

I need more males, also please make some whole families. As you can see I set the age limit to 22 now, but, if you make a whole or, almost whole, family with at least two members being 30+ then I will allow you to be 16+. I really need some older characters though.

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