The Summer Scarlet

As a preamble, I feel inclined to warn you that this poem is in no way, shape, or form a happy story. If you hold a certain disdain for depressing poems, I wouldn't recommend reading this.

Thou hath been warned.

Lord Byron's "When We Two Parted"-

Milton's "Paradise Lost"-

Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"-


Chapter 1

The Summer Scarlet

In Summer we met,
By the old river grove.
On the ground the Sun set
In the water we dove.
As the warm Sun's glow
Fell down on your hair,
I soon came to know
The love that we'd share

One night I woke with a start
For I dreamed such a scare.
That I looked in my heart
And you were no longer there.
I sat up that morning,
Wishing these thoughts would go numb.
I should have seen this as a warning
Of what was to come.

The summer air swept
As we sat on the beach
The sand and water kept
All my mirth and my speech.
You called to me bravely
And then I could see,
When you turned to me gravely
And said you no longer loved me.

The Summer Scarlet you were
To drive me so hazy.
But you turned my heart black
In this world I deemed crazy.
I went back to the grove
In the next summer sun,
And I stared at the water
And knew you were the one.

But now this darkness hangs on me
For so many years.
As I longed to greet thee
With a sonnet of tears.
As the next summer will start,
I remember the harlot,
That stole my foolish heart
As the young Summer Scarlet.


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