Bloody Bedtime

I-I...-- I can't remember...

Chapter 1

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             I was laying on my small white hospital bed listening to the annoying "Beep... Beep... Beep..." Of the machine to my left, monitoring my heart beat. Three days that I could count, had gone by in a flash. 
         Doctors in starched, white coats and skinny nurses walking by and the constant high pitched noise of the monitors were driving me insane. 
            The worst thing was I kept seeing that face. The one who landed me in the hospital. In fact.
           He had no face. It was all darkness with a white mask. People call him... The pocket...? No... That's not it...
I can't seem to remember...

"I can't. Remember. He'll find me."
"Tell us."
"Do you want me to die?!"

An odd smirk crosses the doctor's face and all the light bulbs exploded in a crash. The white, bone mask floating closer.

"Yes, Vivialdi. I do want you dead."

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