Story updates (Read if you read my stories!!)

Chapter 1

insert title here

Here are a list of stories I've got updates on:

Creatures of the Night: Author's Blank :( I got stuck by the first paragragh

Project E: I wanna get past Creatures of the Night and Witches of Witch High before I get to this but I do have some ideas for the next chapter.

Witches of Witch High: Sorta almost halfway through.

Cold: I don't know if I should continue. Because I lost the contest, I am asking readers if I should keep it. Do you think I should keep the story and continue writing.

Protect the Innocent: Deleted the story, it wasn't really going anywhere and the person I was writing it with is never on anymore.

Jewels of Power: Not a lot of people liked it.

Soul Eater Fan-fic: Wasn't really going anywhere so that was deleted too.

I wanna write another group story but I'm still looking for ideas so look out for that.

Also, I might be creating a contest soon

Dat is all.

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