Humanity Should Know This Stuff (Please Read, It Is Important To You)

Okay, I already have a rant book. However this one is more serious and more about the world and how we treat each other. That's why its public.

Chapter 1


Let's start off on a fun topic, weight. Yes. Now lets start of with a scientific background on it. There are three types of body types, ectomorphic, endomorphic, and mesomprphic.

Ectomophic Body Type:
-Long arms and limbs
-High metabolism (hard to gain weight)
-Linear shape
-Delicate build
-Narrow hips and pelvis
-Muscle and bone outlines usually visible
-Less fat and muscle mass than other builds.
-Is the body of models
-Are more likely to get hurt in sporting events due to "frail stature"
-Best at endurance and speed activities
-Small joints and bones
-Excel at cardiovascular training
-Flat chest

Mesomorphic Body Type:
-Has more testosterone (hormone that builds muscles), than any other body type
-Broad shoulders
-Thick bones and muscles
-Well-defined chest and shoulders that are both larger and broader than your waistline
-Hips generally same width as shoulders
-Toned and defined muscles
-Poor flexibility
-Store fat evenly over their bodies
-The Athletic Body type
-Not one for cardiovascular stuff

Endomorphic Body Type:
-Medium bones
-Hourglass figure or Pear-shaped
-Most fat is stored at the bottom half of the body
-Most common body type (or most prominent)
-Shorter arms and legs
-Highest chance of being obese
-Slowest metabolism of the body types
-Usually short
-Muscles not defined

Most people have two of these traits blended together. One is just more prominent than the other. I am a ectomorph-mesomorph but my ectomorph side is way more prominent.

These are all very different body types. If you are an endomorph, you will never ever look like a super model who is a ectomorph. It's not happening. So why do you try and give yourself false hopes and hurt yourself? It's unhealthy!

Also the ectomorphs (females) and mesomorphs (males) you see on magazines....less than 1% of the population, Keep that in mind.

Now to body bashing. And yes, I went there. Now when you think body bashing you think pretty popular ectomorphic girl making fun of the endomorphic girl right. That's the media version.

Wrong. I've found it to be the other way around. I mean I've had countless people walk up to me and be like "OMG YOU'RE SO SKINNY!'

Okay look if I went up to you an endomorph and went "OMG YOU'RE SO FAT!" I would an jerk. But if you do that to a skinny person....acceptable. That's not right.

This leads me to my next point. I have heard this countless places, and it is one of the most false things I have ever heard, "If you are skinny you don't have self-confidence issues". Are you people freaking dumb idiots!?

Imagine this, 75% of the time when you met a new person they started giving you tips on how to loose weight, or started planning interventions, or insisting you need to eat less, or saying you had a mental disorder when you didn't, or asked "why are you so fat". Imagine going to a restaurant and them giving you half of the food you ordered all because of one thing, your weight. You are an endomorph (I apologize that if you aren't one but I used it because its the most common body type) You can not help that you are a little bit bigger than the "I have the metabolism of Michael Phelps" ectomorphs and the "I'm Chuck Norris" mesomorphs. You would feel pretty dang old crappy about your weight wouldn't you? Maybe some self-confidence issues?

Guess what? That happens to me, as an ectomorph all the time. Yes it's in a different context but the same principle is there. Most of the time, when I meet a new person, they find it their god given duty to advise me on how to gain weight. I probably eat more than them, I'm actually willing to bet my life on that. I have had people ask me if I was anorexic, call me anorexic to my face, and I am pretty sure it happens behind my back as well. "Why are you so skinny?" Genetics liked me and gave me the metabolism where I can eat a huge meal and fifteen minutes later be like "I'm getting sort of hungry". I hate going to the bathroom at restaurants because people think I'm anorexic. One time a waitress even tried to stop me.

Okay so I was at Outback, so I was really thirsty, so I drank a lot of Sprite. Well that made me really have to pee. You wouldn't think going to the bathroom for such a trivial cause would cause such an uproar. On my way to the bathroom, my path is blocked by a waitress. She would not let me get around her, she kept saying "go sit down", and "don't do this to yourself". Finally it clicked...she thought I was going to puke. I ended up screaming at her, "I was going to pee not puke"! This is one incident of many.

Still think that its not possible for skinny people to develop self-confidence issues?

Now we get on to my original topic of body-bashing. "Real woman have meat on their bones". The Dove "real-beauty" campaign. The millions of support groups on the internet for the endomorphs. Most of them putting down the ectomorphs in the process of rising themselves up. I'm all for rising peoples self-image, Just don't bring down other people while you do it.

Up next is another fun, light-hearted topic.....I'm getting into people who lie about medical and/or physiological diseases.

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