Quibblo Tagging Friends Repost - EDITED (People Added)

I reported this from Esther!

Chapter 1

Friend Them if You Haven't Already!

Tag your best friend: Emery (WinForMeCato), Karla (athletictitanfrom12), Christina (ArtemisRocks1400), Elizabeth (Beingdauntless), Connor (CaptainCookiez)

Tag your randomest friend: Lizzy! lizzyella (It's a compliment!)

Tag your funniest friend: Hunter! hnardiello

Tag someone who makes you smile: Karla (athletictitanfrom12), Elizabeth (Beingdauntless), Esther (EstherRoxie)

Tag someone who makes you laugh: Connor (CaptainCookiez), Chloe (Loving_You), Emily (used to be time4dance), Olivia (bewarethenargles)

Tag someone pretty: Esther! EstherRoxie

Tag someone cute: Hm... I haven't seen any pictures of guys that aren't One Direction, so...

Tag your crush: NONE! (All the single and non-crushing ladies!)

Tag someone you can talk to about almost anything: Cece (ihateVEGETABLES), Karla (athletictitanfrom12), Elizabeth (Beingdauntless), Hunter (hnardiello)

Tag your twin: Elizabeth! Beingdauntless

Tag someone who's online a lot: Cameron! Cool2twin (Also a good thing because he has great stories/ideas!)

Tag someone you miss: TIFFANY! Every_Soul_A_Star), MADDI! (Acacia7), TREVOR! (That_Is_Mahogany)

Tag someone who writes awesome stories: sprinkleofsparkle, Karla (athletictitanfrom12), Cameron (Cool2twin), Hunter (hnardiello), Sarah (SnowAngels), Esther (EstherRoxie), Connor (CaptainCookiez) (But I'm not saying others don't write as great as they do!)

Tag someone you want to meet in person: Christina (ArtemisRocks1400), Karla (athletictitanfrom12), Elizabeth (Beingdauntless), Esther (EstherRoxie), Connor (CaptainCookiez)

Tag someone you want to get to know better: MrsKyleeHoran_Sheeran and 1DKatnissPotterCullen (because they are amazing, and incredible writers!)

Repost this tagging your friends! :)


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