My Life As A Teen

Isabelle Elizabeth Downing is what seems to be an average girl during her average high school year. That's on the outside. This story will take you in the life of what seems to be a laid back girl. My Life As A Teen is based on real life events.

Chapter 1

Moving In

"Riley! Can you lend me a hand?!" I shout. I try to push it up the staircase but it's no use. The queen sized mattress won't budge. I hear footsteps coming from behind me and soon, I find my best friend Riley standing beside me, flashing a white smile.
"Okay, i'll pull it, you keep pushing." She shrieks.
"I'm so excited!" She half jumps half skips up the stairs and looks at me.
"One, two, three!" I push the mattress as much as I can. I end up on the landing of the attic. Sliding the mattress toward the bed spring, I hear a buzzing noise coming from Riley's phone. She looks at her phone and smiles.
"Who's that?" I ask. She clears her throat and says "Oh just a friend." I shrug. Riley's twin brother comes in the bedroom. My friend sighs.
"What do you want Griffin?" He shrugs.
"Nothing. Just wanted to see if you guys wanted any help with anything." I look at Riley and mouth "The drawer?" She nods and looks at Griffin
. "Could you get Belle's drawer from the truck?" He glances at me and says "Sure." He heads back down the stairs.
"I can't believe this is actually happening. This is going to be so fun!" .

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