What would you do?

What would you do?

Uhm, honestly, I didn't know where to ask this, it isn't a story, but it's like an emergency question kind of....like give me liberty or give me death....well, not death, just a really shattered heart....all of the pieces on the floor, like glass....

Chapter 1

Help me...

What would you do if your boyfriend, loved you so much, like you are his everything, but the other month he told you he had a small crush on another girl (like: you-99% and her-1%) but he loves you, anyway, before he told you he had a crush, his friend, lets say Jack, tries to set him up with the girl, like jokingly, she said no she would never date him, then he also told you he had a crush on her for about 3 weeks/two months, but he loves you so much, would die for you, what would you do?

(I don't know what to do...) like, it's kinda hard, you don't even know the whole story.....please help me..


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