Quibblo Friends Tag Repost

Chapter 1


I got the idea for this from Facebook, so yeah...

Tag your best friend: Roxie_and_Daisy

Tag your randomest friend: Rainbow_Unicorn_With_Pie (Does the name say enough?)

Tag your funniest friend: TheUnknownUser

Tag someone who makes you smile: PizzaGrenade

Tag someone who makes you laugh: MB95

Tag someone pretty: Smile_EvenIfItIsntReal

Tag someone cute: Brucko

Tag your crush: IBGIANTSFAN

Tag someone you can talk to about almost anything: hnardiello

Tag your twin: Duck_Queens_Daughter

Tag someone who's online a lot: volleyballgirl527

Tag someone you miss: InnerMoka

Tag someone who writes awesome stories: xavierxavierxavier

Tag someone you want to meet in person: puppylove8972

Tag someone you want to get to know better: deserthawk26

Repost this tagging your friends! :)


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