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The year is 2099 and the once bustling city of New York City is now slowly starting to vanish into thin air. The question is why? How are more and more people disappearing everyday? How long will it be until you disappear? In this story, a group of people from ages 13 to 30 must find out why and if they have any hope for survival. Along the way, obstacles will emerge and people will be tested. Can you save yourself? Will there still be a New York by the time this is all done?

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My Character

Name: Norelle Mae Ross
Nickname: Mae "Loathes Her First Name"
Age: 17 turning 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: China White Skin, Long Dark Wavy Brown Hair (Almost Black), Light Purple (Sometimes Seems Grey) Eyes, 5'6, Average Weight, Birth Mark Right Under Her Chin
Personality: Logical, Understanding, Down-To-Earth, Caring, Protective, Quiet, Sensitive, Stubborn, Humble, Helpful, Cautious, Sometimes Moody, Anxious, and Shy
Family/Background: Born into a family of psychologist, has 3 older brothers (Carson-28, Adam-25, Matthew-20) From the young age of 6, her parents had her study the brain and why people act the way they act. Adam was the first to disappear and that was 2 years ago when the events in New York started to happen.
Fear(s): Losing People, Fire, Heights, and Cats
Strengths: Reading Emotions/Able To Tell What Kind Of People A Person Is
Other: When 8, she went through a surgery to remove a kidney (to help someone in need of one) so she's often more careful in physical activity
Love Interest: A Boy In The Story (Or Made Up Character)

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