repost this is you're against bullying

Chapter 1


Tell me I'm ugly,
and you'll just strengthen my belief that I am beautiful.

Tell me I'm fat,
and I'll be proud of the way I look.

Tell me I'm stupid,
and I'll feel smarter.

Tell me I'm worthless,
and I'll know I'm worth everything to many people.

Tell me I should delete,
and I'll keep my account no matter what.

Tell me I'm weak,
and I'll know I'm stronger than you'll ever be.

Tell me I'm selfish,
and I'll become even more selfless than I already am.

Tell me I'm not good enough,
and I'll know that I'm amazing in my own way.

Tell me I'm pathetic,
and I'll know that I'm the exact opposite.

Tell me that my drawing, or my writing, or my singing, or any of my talents suck,
and I'll know that I'm great at it.

Tell me no one wants me,
and all of will prove that they do want me.

Tell me that I'm too skinny,
and I'll be proud of being thin.

Tell me to stop talking,
and I'll tell you off for ten minutes straight.

Tell me not to do something,
and I'll do it.

Bully me,
and it'll backfire like you'll never believe!

Re-post if you are against this crime!


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