Year 2076

For fireworks356's story contest

Chapter 1


I stared out to the crowd of people and their robot companions. They walked through the streets of robotic cars above them, eyes on the lens of there glasses that were surfing the web. It was a typical day in the states. I am Callum Ophiuchi, the fifteen year old president of Union of America.

"Erm, Callum?" my secretary, Lunas interrupted me.

"It's President Callum," I mumbled "What now?" I asked.

"There's some problems with the robots in the Union," she worriedly said.

"The robots are perfectly fine. No problems at all," I turned around from the window and sat at my desk.

"But Mr. President, We've gotten some reports that the robots are killing our people," Lunas begged.

"Do you want to be fired? Might as well get a robot to replace you too!" I threatened.

"I'm sorry, President Callum." she whimpered and ran off. Being the president, I had bought out an engineering and a high-technology company and asked them to build human robots that will do anything you ask it to do. I sold it off to the rich and the poor, wanting a whole world of robots. That was the plan, to kill everyone and have every robot in the world do as I say.

Later that day, I had gone down to the lab that the robots were being made at.

"Oh! President Ophiuchi! We heard about what the robots were doing and we're putting out an update right now!" Dr. Fleming, one of the main technicians said.

"No, the robots do not need to be updated. You cannot do things like this without my permission!" I lectured.

"But, its almost done uploading!" he babbled.

"Stop it. Now," I ordered. He went to the computer, murmuring something into a microphone and came back to me saying it's all fixed.

"Also, President, Dr. Kingston has someone who's willing to transmute her body to a robot and he wants you to meet her." Dr. Fleming said. I nodded and passed him to see Dr. Kingston.

"Kingston? Where's this person?" I asked walking into his office. He smiled.

"She's a nice one," he said and pointed to the room to the left of him. I smirked and opened the door into the room.

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