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Thanks, Chloe, because you were awesome enough to continue our odd conversation!


Also, thanks to Emily, I have another wonderful Quibblo memory! XD

Chapter 1

My Odd Conversation with Chloe!

by: Bastille
I was commenting on one of Chloe's stories, (This is Me) about how smart she was, and, like usual, autocorrect helped turn my comment into the start of an interesting conversation...

Me: Aw, you are way too sweet, but no WAY am I smart! Well, maybe a little because I'm a clumsy, embarrassing fork, but I'm not really smart... Not like you, anyway... XD

Chloe: Awwwww, nawwwwww, but thanks...

Me: Lol, I MEANT DORK NOT FORK! Darn autocorrect!

Chloe: :P lol! Hello, nice to meet you, Fork. I'm Spoon.

Me: Hey Spoon! Do we have a knife around here?

Chloe: I don't think so. She's out with Spork.

Me: Aw man, and what about Napkin and Plate? ;D

Chloe: And I heard that Napkin and Plate are engaged. Crazy, right? I mean, obviously Tablecloth had something going on with Plate, too, but...

Me: YEAH! Oh my gosh, Plate is such a cheater, poor Tablecloth! Didn't Table come into this too, he was really mad at Napkin and Plate!

Chloe: YES! I felt so bad for him, I mean, he almost called Scissors over to hurt Napkin, but Plate stopped him...

Me: It was crazy! The last time we had a 'guest' over, was Cow, and when he jumped over the moon, you ran away with Dish, Plate's twin! It was chaos because everyone was trying to get you back!

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