Just Another Story About Love, Betrayal, and Trying To Fit In

This is a two perspective story written in third person about the life of Viola Sylette. Something happened the summer before fifth grade that caused her to pack up all her things and leave to Florida. Seven years later, she arrives back to her hometown. Cue in the second perspective, Duncan Michaels, the boy who has been in love with her since kindergarten. Little does he know that she did something to hurt him the week before fifth grade... read to find out what happens.

Chapter 1

I also like you... a lot

by: For_You
7 years ago

If only he could tell her. It all began in kindergarten when he found her crying because someone was using her blocks. He made sure that boy wouldn’t touch her toys when he was around. It was also the day when he kissed her. Even if they were young and it was a short kiss, he never forgot it. And Duncan has always hated himself for that. Memories crept up to him when they had third grade homeroom together. He secretly watched her, making sure that she was okay. Over the course of the year, they became friends. Then fourth grade happened and they were separated into two different homerooms. They never talked, just acknowledged each other’s presence. But that was fourth grade. When he went to the school’s open house at the end of August for fifth grade, he saw her in his homeroom and they talked as their parents bombarded the teacher with questions. This was the year he would tell Viola Sylette that he was in love with her.

Usually first days of school were exciting. Coming back with so many stories from summer, a nice tan, and a new look. For Duncan, it was terrifying. Telling the girl he had been crushing on since kindergarten that he was in love with her. How was he even going to be able to break the news? “Hey Viola. I like your new shoes. I also like you… a lot. Do you feel the same? Really?” Duncan shook his head; it couldn’t be that easy. He quickly finished his breakfast and ran to catch the bus. It’d not be as bad as he thought it’d be, right?

The bus arrived at the school and dropped him off. He met with some friends before class, but he kept his eyes wandering for hers. The bell rang and he left his friends, entering the classroom. He found his assigned seat, which was placed right next to Viola. Viola, however, wasn’t in her seat. She wasn’t in the classroom at all. Where was she? The teacher called roll and called her name. When there was no response, the teacher looked up.

“Oh, right. Class, Viola Sylette has recently moved and will not be attending our school anymore. Don’t worry Duncan, Patrick can sit with you.” A boy with red, curly hair stood up from his lonely seat and moved next to Duncan. Patrick began to introduce himself, but all Duncan could think was, ‘I wonder where she is? I hope she is okay… and happy.’

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