Nitwit, bludbber, odment, tweak! (A Harry Potter group story!)

This is by ronnieweasley/MiniMunch and I.

Hope you like!

Chapter 1

Mira Claire Brook

The Hogwarts express chugged along the track as I wheeled my trunk down the hallway, holding my cat MIriam, and looking for a compartment. My sister Anna waved to me and went off with her friends. At the end of the train, I saw a compartment with two red haired boys who looked like twins and a girl with strawberry blond hair.

"Sorry," I said sliding open the door, "Everywhere else is full. Can I sit here?"

"Go on," The boys said in unison. The girl smiled at me as I sat down.

"Oh look George another ginger!" One boy said eyeing my hair. The girl rolled her eyes at them.

"I'm Dava," she said, "Dava Layson." I grinned back.

"I'm Mira Brook."

"And I'm George," One of the boys piped up, "George Weasley." I felt my face turn red as he looked at me with his impish brown eyes.

"Nu uh!" said the other one, "I'm George. He's Fred!"

"Uh..." I said confusedly.

"Forget it guys," Dava said loudly. "He's Fred," she said pointing to the one who had spoken first. "He's George."

"Come on Dava did you have to ruin the fun?" George complained.

"Oh you know me," she said grinning, "of course I did."

"Who's this?" I asked looking up at a brown owl who was flying above my head.

"Oh that's Swerve," Dava explained coaxing him back down with a treat.

"You guys got any pets?" I asked Fred and George.

"Nope," they replied in unison,

"our itty bitty brother Ronnikins though has this old rat named Scabbers," Fred said, "Personally i think he should be called Scrappers. He looks like a scrap. Its a bit funny really." I smiled.

"Want a game of exploding snap?" George suggested holding up a deck of cards.

"I'm in," Dava said as the boy dealt out our cards. We played a bunch of times. Before I knew it, the scene had changed into hundreds of green fields with no one seen for miles.

"Anything from the trolley dears?" an old lady with a trolley full of candy asked opening our door just as the cards blew up singing George's eyebrows. We laughed as he tried to wipe the singes off.

"Oh yeah I'll have Bertie botts every flavor beans and two licorice wands please." I requested of the lady. She handed me the candy and I gave her some gold. I turned around to see the twin's mouths watering.

"Oh and 10 cauldron cakes please," I added giving her some more money. I tossed them to Fred and George.

"Mira you don't have to-"

"Yes I do," I interrupted .Both shook there heads and bit into one each. Dava ordered her candy and we all settled back in our seats as the trolley lady moved on.

"What house to you want to be in?" Dava asked us.

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