Five Guns and Five Hearts.....(One Direction AU)

By me and and November

November Character:
Name: Alice
Age: 18

My Character:
Name: Nessabella
Age: 19

Barbie Faces:

Chapter 2

This Could Be It

Perrie's POV

I woke up late afternoon the next day, shielding my eyes to the violating sun coming through the cheap blinds of the even cheaper window.
We were rich, the girls and I, but you'd never assume it considering the hole-in-the-wall apartment we all shared. We can't be obvious. It was the cheapest, dingiest place you'd ever see and yet this made it perfect. Not once would you be suspicious of the sweet, poor looking girls that lived inside. We've even made friends with the neighbors!

Even better, there was a fire escape leading into the nearly non-existant alley we all used. That's where we came in and out when we were running one of our missions.
"Good-morning" I cooed to the three girls sitting around our light wood kitchen table.
There was coffee infront of each girl, a newspaper from three different states in their hands.
"Morning Pez" Nes grinned, taking a sip of her coffee and going back to reading.

The other girls gave me a nod and I moved on to get my coffee.
"Where's Ally?" I asked, pouring myself a mug of joe.
Danielle dropped the paper and furrowed her eyebrows at me, "Sleeping, no?"
I shrugged, "I went in at like 11 last night. Did she hang around?"
Eleanor sighed, "She left for a smoke and before she came back in I went to bed"

I audibly groaned and ran a hand through my short, purple hair. The girls always yelled at me that I should let it grow in blonde again. It was too 'noticeable' being purple they said. Though I changed it often whether it was pink, blonde, white... Plus it was so noticeable, I'd say it was rather unnoticeable.
Like, 'why would the Barbie Faces be so stupid as to have such brightly colored hair, that can't be one of them!'
Same goes with Ally! Her hair faded from red to bright orange and she never changed it!

Speaking of Ally, "Don't tell me she snuck off again" I groaned.
Danielle's jaw set, her eyes glaring at the unmoving front door. "If she's-"
"Hey lads" Our eyes flashed to the window, where I saw the skinny ginger shimmying herself in through the measly crack of our window.
"Where the hell were you?" Danielle barked, her eyes narrowing at her as she stalked in.

"Where out"
This isn't going good.
I coughed to catch the attention of our rather hard-assed leader. "Danielle what is the mission we have today?"
She seemed confused, but thankfully her attention shifted off my younger friend.

"Well, it's the London international bank" She began reading off out direction. Another bank. It was almost predictable. Banks were our main goal seeing as you can't really go wrong with robbing a bank.
I grabbed a pack of cigarettes and motioned for Al to follow me to the fire escape.
"Just going out for a quick light" I say, but the group of three was too focused on their work to care.
Me and Ally stepped out the window and lit our cigarettes, leaning on the edge and looking up at the usually grey London sky.

"So... Where were you" I asked after a while.
Ally shrugged, "Went to town again"
"What did you get?"
Ally put her black bag on the railing and opened it up. She pulled out a handful of jewels. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings.

"Jesus Ally!"
She shrugged, "It was a closing jewelers. Those are always the best. The first thing they get rid of is a security system so I just snuck right in and took it"
I plucked a pearl necklace from the handful and clicked it onto my neck.
"You're welcome" Ally giggled, helping me to put it on.

I smiled as well, "Go out more often yeh?"
The red-head scoffed, "Do you want Danielle to kill me?"
I gave her a one armed hug and gingerly kissed the taller girl's forehead. She bowed her head to let me being as I was 5"2 and she was almost 5"8.
No we don't love each other like that. I take to Ally as though she's a younger sister. She's only 17 you know, I on the other hand had just turned 20.

"What's our mission today?" She asked while resting on my shoulder.
I ran a hand through that long hair of hers, "International. We're leaving in an hour so get ready" I sighed.
She nodded and stood up straight again, walking to the window and climbing inside.

Harry's POV

It was a quiet day or pure work. Me and the lads sitting around laptops with cold coffee in one hand while the other typed away.
We were on Barbie time, meaning we were following the schedule that those five criminals set up for us.
"I've got something! I've got something, I've got something!" Niall screamed, jumping over the back of the couch looking completely winded.

We all looked up. I was on the armchair, Louis on the floor near my feet, Liam across me and Zayn next to him.
"Those kisses, we ran it under DNA and we got something" He gasped.
Louis sat up further, pushing his laptop away to give his full attention to the winded Irish man. "What do you mean?"
Niall took a moment to collect himself before nodding, "Josh and I ran the kisses under DNA. We got the brand of lipstick. We ran through the entire buyers list of that particular brand and found something fishy...

There was one name in each of the five records that was wiped off the system. You may not be able to see it but you can still see when something's been erased. Like you can still see the eraser shavings. In this case, the 'shavings' are the computer system that wiped the names."
He had our attention now, all of us were nearly leaping out of our seats, "I found the computer. This computer was nearly imposible to hack but Josh ran some formulas and pulled a few strings and we got it. We got the IP adress.

We sent that to the manufacturer and found it was bought by a Thomas Lykon. Thomas Lykon passed away and the ownership went to his daughter Nessabella. Nessabella who dropped out of school, and was never heard from again. That's one. We looked at the dates and found four other girls dropped out at the same time and their names seemed to just disappear as well. Perrie Edwards, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer, and Alice Edwards"
Half the boys were already gone, grabbing their gun belts and phones.

I on the other hand stayed back to question Niall further, "Alice and Perrie Edwards, are they related?"
Niall shrugged, "Nothing close like sisters. We checked that. Perrie has one half sister who's 11 and a brother, and Alice had two brothers. Both are deceased"
I nodded, thinking of this. That must've been rough on the girl no? I can't think of this, because Niall is suddenly reading off adresses.

"The adress of the IP adress is as follows:" He read of some numbers and we were already piling out the door of the luxury flat we all shared.
Thank god for Niall.
This may be it.

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