Five Guns and Five Hearts.....(One Direction AU)

By me and and November

November Character:
Name: Alice
Age: 18

My Character:
Name: Nessabella
Age: 19

Barbie Faces:

Chapter 3


Eleanor's POV

We were all getting ready, we were about to head out when we heard Nessabella curse and yell at her computer.

"What?" asked Perrie as we all looked at her.

"They found my IP adress and they are probably on their way over here," she growled frustrated at herself,"They even got our school records!"

"What!" screeched Danielle, "How is this even possible."

"I don't know, but we better hurry and get the hell out of here!"she replied,"You guys pack everything and I am going to try and erease everything they found."

I could tell she was angry at herself for letting that happen. Without another word she started typing away, and the rest of started to do the drill we had practice before. Every now and then Nessabella will curse and ask herself how she could be so stupid.

"Go put everything in the van," Danielle ordered Alice and Perrie as I went to see if Nessabella needed any help.

"God! How could I be so stupid, luckily their laptops are easy to hack, so that made it easy to erease everything they had from us, even before this. A little payback for hacking my computor!" she growled out," Now I need a new one!"

"So you ereased everything from their computors?" asked Danielle amazed.

"Yes, it's like a brand new laptop now I am making sure they can't get anything back!"

I could see the anger pouring out through her words, I had never seen her this mad before. Sure, she has thrown a fit before but nothing like this! She looked as if she could kill someone.

"Okay, we are ready to leave," said Perrie runnig back in with Alice.

"Perrie, give me the pindrive," Nessabella told her entanding her hand and quickly uploaded every file she had into it before returning it to Perrie amd gettting up from the table amd ran into the kitchen. When she came back she was holding some matches and some gasoline.

"What are you doing?" asked Alice as she started pouring the gasoline on her laptop.

"Burning the evidence," she growled back still mad, "Let's leave the kisses, with an extra note attached."

We all quickly agreed, knowing were her mind was.

Niall's POV

"Turn right and at the end of the road," said Liam as I drove. I actually felt very proud of myself.

"Uh, why are the fireman here?" I asked confused when we parked. We quickly got down and quickly went to check it out.

"Woah, sorry you can't go in there," said a policeman as we tried to croos.

"Agent Liam Payne and his squad from FBI,"spoke LIam showing his badge.

"Oh, sir!" a lady quickly called to Liam," I work in the front desk here and a lady that was leaving with her friends and told me to give this to you."

"To me?" asked LIam surprised.

"Yes," she replied handing him an enveloped, which Liamnquickly opened and read. His face grew in anger before he started to curse. Zayn asked him what was wrong and he showed us the letter.

Dear Sweethearts,

Sorry we had to go but that is life
We really wanted to meet you
Plus, you made Skipper very mad!
But don't worry, she left you all a suprise
Be sure to check your laptops when you get back

Well, Taa-Taa

And the letter was signed by five kisses with theie barbie names. Only one question remained, what could Skipper have done to our laptops? Is she a good hacker?

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