Five Guns and Five Hearts.....(One Direction AU)

By me and and November

November Character:
Name: Alice
Age: 18

My Character:
Name: Nessabella
Age: 19

Barbie Faces:

Chapter 9

One Down

I woke early in the morning because I needed to go to the bathroom. As I was passing the living room I tripped over something making me go down with a scream.

"What?" Danielle came in, Perrie and Eleanor right behind her with guns ready.

"I tripped over something," I exclaimed as Perrie turned on the lights. We looked to see Miguel laying there, waking up.

"Al...Alice," he said, as soon as the name left his mouth Danielle ran to the room to find it empty.

"She's gone!"

"What! We need to go look for her-"Perrie exclaimed.

"No! She left on her own terms and I don't want her back!" said Danielle having enough. A gasp escaped from Eleanor's mouth. No more Alice?

"Danielle, what if the police got her again?"

"Well, she has one phone call, right? She can call you and you can visit her in jail," said Danielle,"Now, let's go back to sleep. And Perrie, you better not try any silly business!"

She left and we all stayed there quiet. From the great five we went to the great four. Can we survive without Alice? And what about Perrie? Aren't they like related?

"Miguel are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I wonder why Gomez didn't wake up," he said standing up and going to check on Gomez.

"I'm going for a walk, I need some freah air," said Perrie.

"I'll go with you," I told her, she simply nodded as we both walked outside.

At first we were both quiet, not talking about just happened. We just enjoyed the view of the forest, and the view of the aun rising.

"Nessie you have to help me!" exclaimed Perrie," We need to go find Alice!"

"Look, right now that isn't a good idea, I mean, you just saw Danielle, plus, what can I do?"

"You have Gomez on your side! He prefers you over Danielle and you know that!"

"I'll give you that, but what if she is in jail?" I asked raising an eyebrow. She stayed quiet for a while, stopping dead on her track.

"What if when Barbie Faces go back to work you get caught?" she asked as her face lit up.

"Go to jail? Are you crazy!" I exclaimed.

"That is only if Alice is in prison! Plus, Gomez will brake you out in a second and you can bring Alice with you....Please, you're the only hope I have! Plus, is also the only way to know if she's in jail also! Alice doesn't know this house number!"

I looked her, a couple of tears in her eyes.

"We'll see Perrie," I replied rolling my eyes.

"I'll get El to help me convince you," she said before turning back, and starting to walk away.

"Hey! That's not fair!" I exclaimed going after her, she Eleanor was like a little sister to me, even though she was older than me.

"Yes, El will help me convince you," she said with a victory smile, before running towards the house trying to find Eleanor.

One Week Later

"Everybody down!" yelled Danielle as we entered the bank. Everybody was on the floor in leas than two seconds.

"Skipper and Stacie go to the vault, Jazzie get the rest!" she quickly told us,"We have about thirty minutes, so, hurry up girls."

Perrie and I quickly went to the vault and packed up everything, going back and forth a lot. Once done, Perrie took the last bag.

"I'm sorry!" she quickly told me as she pulled me into a hug. I looked at her confused, what the heck is she talking about? She ran out of there, and quickly cloaed the vault leaving me in there.

I hadn't agreed to her plan, but I guess she had other plans. My mouth fell wide open, and my heart started to raise when I heard sirens approaching. Perrie is so dead!

Niall's POV

"There's one in the vault!" a girl exclaimed as soon as we entered,"The others left already."

The boys and I quickly looked at each other before running towards the vault.

"Keep your guns up," said Liam as he opened the door. When the door opened we saw danggling legs from the roof, she was trying to escape through the air vents.

"Niall, get her!" Zayn quickly exclaimed, since I was infront. As soon as she heard Zayn's voice, she started kicking, and her left feet connected with my right cheek. She was wearing boota with heels.

"Damn it!" I said getting mad, before grabbing both of her legs and pulling her down. We both fell to the floor, she landed on top of me. When I opened my eyes I was face to face with a barbie mask.

"Get up, now!" Louis told her, as him and the boys pointed their guns at her. She had no choice but to do what she was told.

"And if a lawyer comes for this one, I want to make sure to see her diploma!" Liam exclaimed as he hand cuffed her.

"Take her mask off, I want to see her face," said Harry. Liam did as Harry asked, and the girl was beautiful! Even with hatred in her eyes,"I'm guessing you are...Skipper?"

"No sh!i!t curly sue!" she quickly told Harry, making me laugh, but I quickly shut up as Harry and Skipper shot me a glare.

"So, you're the hacker, maybe you can get us our stuff back now," said Liam with a smirk. For some reason she smiled sweetly, but when she spoke her words were filled with venom.

"Over my dead body, but don't worry I won't be there for long."

We all looked at each other as she spoke, letting her words sink in. I knew Liam wouldn't let her escape, but she spoke with such confidence that there was a little voice inaide of my head saying that we shouldn't let her out of our sight.

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