Bonded by Grief (Edited)

Two girls are in a need of help when their father's die in war. There mother's don't seem to hear there cry's, only hearing their own grief. When one girl is ready to give up on life, the other girl step into her life

Made by me and Berserkergirl

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I was on my way to the park, thinking about my dad when I heard the football's quarterback say "Hey lookie there, it's the friendless freak." Laughter filled the area as his friends began to laugh. I ignored them as I continued to walk down the sidewalk. I was use to that nickname by now, shouldn't be, but I am. I've been called that ever since my first and only friend moved when I was ten. Haven't made another friend since then either. I'm 16 now and in 11th grade.

Once I get to the park, I start to warm up for my thirty minute jog.
On my jog, a memory struck. It was the day I met my first friend.

{Flash back} I was in 3rd grade, crying at a bench as three boys’ bullied me. Then a boy that was in my class came walking my way. 'Great,' I remember thinking 'More harassment.' I began to cry harder.
Then I heard his voice. "Leave her alone."
"Aw, the cry baby found herself a boyfriend." they bully's friends laughed.
"I'm not her boyfriend, just a boy who would like to be her friend. Now I'll say it again. Leave her alone."
"And what can a little boy like you do?" the leader said in a baby voice.
"Tell my mother, who happens to be the principle of our school."
The three boys' stopped laughing. "You wouldn't dare." The leader said in a with a glare.. "Actually, I would." he said and gently grabbed my hand and started to walk away.

{End of flash back}
A sigh escaped my lips, I really missed Mike and always will. I learned that he died of cancer five years ago, so I'll never see him while I'm alive.
After a couple of hours at the park, I decided to head home.
When I go into the living room, I see my mom, sitting on the couch, face in her hands. "Mom?" I asked. She looked up revealing her tears. "Mom? What's wrong?" I asked getting worried. My mom never cries, never.
"Your father died for our people today Alexis." She whispered. Tears swelled into my eyes and I ran to my room.

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