After my high school graduation, I wrote this.

Chapter 1

Empty Promises

At the end of the year,
When the yearbooks are signed,
With heartfelt messages,
To my friends of mine,

I promise to them,
That we will stay in touch.
At the time,
I thought as much.

I imagined ourselves,
Remaining best friends,
Through college and beyond,
Until the end.

I saw us going to parties, to movies,
Enjoying our time together,
The harsh reality,
Was too much to weather.

The truth is,
When the yearbooks are signed,
And the diplomas are given,
It's hard to maintain this state of mind.

While we might go out,
A maximum of once or twice,
My promising prediction,
Is nowhere near precise.

We'll go off to college,
Each our separate ways,
Making our friendship,
A thick, murky haze.

Soon our incessant phone calls,
Will succumb to a drought,
We want it to flow as easily as water,
But there is no spout.

Soon I will log,
Onto my Facebook page,
And discover the inevitable truth,
That I've been upstaged.

You've deleted me,
Just before I was about to erase you,
From my virtual life,
Proving that we are definitely through.

After the tassels are turned,
And the caps thrown in the air,
We all seem to change,
At least that's what most people swear.

Maybe I'll see you,
At our ten year reunion,
With our faint shadow of a friendship,
Causing more than a bit of awkward confusion.

Or maybe I won't,
And I won't even wonder,
What happened to you,
Too busy with my own life to recognize my blunder.

This little tale,
Is entirely typical,
To say it is not,
Is entirely hypocritical.


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