My Theory Of Being Beautiful

My Theory Of Being Beautiful

I guess people already knows that I'm very good at blabbering stuff...but I thought I should share my opinion in it!

Chapter 1

Do I have to be a hot chick???

by: Anushah
First of all I have to say that I'm not beautiful. Not in anyway. And its okay but sometimes it really sucks!

But I hate when some guys say that "Being beautiful is not everything, you have your inner beauty" bleh bleh bleh. Not only guys (though not much guys say that but still) but EVERYONE including my friends & family!
Lets talk about guys, nice guys usually say that "its not necessary that girls have to be beautiful, we dont care about looks, its your personallity" BUT when it comes to their girlfriends, the girl has to be damn hot & beautiful. When an ugly girl even tries to talk to him...his expression is "why is that potato looking at me??" DUH! Honestly true or not??
Fine if you dont believe that what about all the story books. Even in the fairytales...the prince always falls in love with the most beautiful maiden or princess! There is not a SINGLE story that the guy falls in love with an ugly girl by sneeking in her beautiful heart. In movies, in books, in song lyrics the GIRL HAS TO BE DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!!

The ugly truth is no one even looks at the girl who's ugly...she is the most unpopular girl in school.
Well I'm not telling that everyone has to be cute & glamorous, and I'm not even ignoring that nature loves the beautiful one...I'm not even telling that dont ignore the ugly one.....because no matter whatever I say, its about your point of view that how will you treat her.

I'm just saying stop saying things that you dont believe, stop lying that "inner beauty is everything" and all this stupid stuff....if you TRULY believe that its okay, because its the truth....

But if you don't..........

Just stop.


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