Anyone who might like to write a story with me

Calling all le story writers :) Please keep reading

So If you are reading this then that means I hopefully got you interestedXD AWESOME!

Does anyone want to write a story with me?
Message me or Comment if you want to and I look foward to writing with you:)

Chapter 1

Almost there

Aye storywriters,

Whale first I would like to ask if someone could help me. I had a partner who wrote a story with me till chapter 7, for a few months it was her turn for the story. I checked today, and she deleted :( I would absolutely love if someone was interested in helping me write the story!

That's the link to our story^^ Read it for me, and please message me if interested in finishing it up or any questions

Alrightie this is the 3rd time sending this out:) To everyone of my partners, I love being able to write with you and see you writing styles:D We are all true partners, fixing mistakes and helping with some ideas. So thank you to all my partners! Now I know I am not on quibblo that often, but its summer so I plan to log in more often:) And to partners I am writing a story with, our story is important to me. So I made a list of stories I need to write, and I'll work on my chapters this week. Thank you for your patience everybody

Hey Guys, I would like to write another story(s) so..
Would anyone like to write on with me?
Here are SOME things I will write about:
*Vampire Diaries
*Supernatural Beings
*High School
*Old Time Periods
*Harry Potter
*Hunger Games(Not alot though, im already in the middle of oneXD)
*Pretty Little Liars
*Fairy Tales
*Snow White(Maybe in the queens point of view?)
*Once Upon A Time
*Teen Wolf
*Love Triangles
*Demons(I am already doing so many stories about demons xD)

These are SOME catagories~Some are Fan-Fics and Some are Original Ideas
If you are interest then message me or leave a comment:)
I would love to work with you guys and make a Amazy Crazy story!


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