Just another pair of jerks

Chapter 1


He was nice to me

She was nice to me

He told me I was pretty

She told me I was sweet

He said he liked me

She said we were friends

Soon enough I thought he and I were the perfect match

Soon enough I thought she and I were best friends

Then he decided to go out with the other girl

Then she decided to ditch me for the other girl

He came back again and told me he liked me

She came back again and told me we were friends

And each time

I fell for it

He was a lying, jerky player

She was a two-faced, backstabbing, lying jerk

He left me

She left me

And I was left, hurting like someone had cut a deep hole in my heart

Like someone had emptied a gigantic packet of salt into an open wound

But I know

They were just another pair of jerks


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