Alternate Universe Hunger Games

A ripple in time cause a horrible twist, Katniss does not volunteer, meaning that time takes a completely different route...

Chapter 1

Just some 4 POVs

Prim POV
Okay, so I already know I can't make an alliance with Peeta, he's just way too...let's just say not my style. I remember Haymitch's advice; "Don't go for the bloodbath. It's a trap. Sprint away and find a water source." It was all silence and darkness. My heartbeat was beating irregularly. It had since reaping day. I take a few deep breaths.
Just then, the darkness breaks and I'm standing in light. I take a quick scan, then I gulp. The smallest tribute looks like she weighs more than 40 pounds than me. I see Cato to my right with a pure look of malice in his eyes.

I'm about to step on to the ground when I hold myself back. I can almost hear Haymitch scolding me; "No, idi-t! The mines will blow off your feet if you step off the pad before the countdown finishes!"
"Okay, prim, get yourself together.",I tell myself in my mind. Just then, the countdown ends.

Cato POV:
I sprint forward, with a overwhelming feeling of bloodlust. I get into the cornucopia first and grab a nice steel blade. An Asian boy, about 15, tackles me, unsuccessfully. I throw my sword into his stomach and he stops and doubles over. I grab his head and give a quick snap. I see a girl desperately attempting to grab a bow and arrow, but I quickly run over, grab her by the neck, and throw her repeatedly on to the metal wall of the cornucopia. After a few slams, she falls on the ground, silent.

Clove's POV
I made a mad run for the vest of knives. Thresh gets in my way but I throw my entire body weight on him, toppling him over. He chases me to the cornucopia. I grab the knives, and then, he stops chasing me. His face, screwed up in an expression of pure terror, starts running away. He wasn't fast enough. I throw a knife and it hits him directly in the back of his neck, resulting a disgusting blood spray. I grin. Somehow, I feel like, that kill REALLY counted. I dismissed the feeling as triumph. I turn around and immediately throw another knife, spearing a girl in the stomach, making her gasp and collapse on the ground.

Rue's POV
I immediately run away. Marvel sees me and starts chasing me.I scramble up a tree as he throws a spear. It whooshes, like, 5 inches from my face and nails itself on a tree. In pure terror, I scramble further up the tree. Marvel's face is in a smug smile, believing that the only way out of the tree is down. I grin and gently, and gracefully, hop to a different tree, than to another, than to another, etc. I take a victorious moment to look back at Marvel's pissed off face.

Cato's POV
"Did you get her?"I asked Marvel.
My anger immediately turned on. "What?!"
Glimmer looked at me. "Look, it's not his fault. Who knows she has the ability to jump from tree to tree?"
She didn't calm me down. "But look, it's a 16 year old versus a 12 year old. Isn't that embarrassing?!"
Marvel also flared up. "Hey, you better watch the mouth of yours!"
"Or what?",I said menacingly.
"Cato, please. Just, calm down."
I turned to the person who said that and was about to smack them when I saw it was Clove.

Clove's POV
I saw him slowly cool down as I talked to him.
"Fine,"he said."Glimmer, Marvel, organize the supplies. Clove, you come with me. We got some tribute hunting to do."
Glimmer quietly mouthed, "Thank you."
I gave her a quiet thumbs up. Then, I ran up to Cato. I always seemed to have the ability to easily calm him down. Probably because we've been friends since I was 7 years old...

Prim's POV
I collapsed onto the grass. I gasped in pain as I gripped the metal knife stuck in my thigh. I closed my eyes, grabbed the knife handle and pulled. Tears streamed from my eyes as the pain shot through my thigh. "I can't do it.",I told myself. I was cold, in pain, thirsty, and hungry. I took a deep breath and grabbed the handle again and pulled. I blacked out from the pain a few seconds later.

The last thing I saw, a hint of red hair in the corner of my vision.

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