Okay, WHO DID THIS?! (Relevant to those who read my "50 Songs Repost") -RANT-

Please don't think that I'm insane for making this a big thing, if it's not a big thing for you. I just wanted to express my opinions. I promise if you read everything, you'll get why it means something to me. This is also a MUST-READ FOR PEOPLE WITH CONFLICTING PREFERENCES/FANDOMS...

Chapter 1


Sorry but that was rude of you to vote down people's comments on my post. I accept that we have different music preferences, but you didn't have to vote down my friends' comments that praised bands that we like.

To some people, this doesn't matter. ("It's just a series of comment vote-downs. Who cares?") But behind that single click, was some sort of mean intention... something that screams "EW, I HATE THESE BANDS AND THEIR FANS! LET ME VOTE DOWN THEIR JOYFUL COMMENTS BECAUSE I THINK THEIR MUSIC TASTE SUCKS! I AM UNAPPRECIATIVE OF THE VARIATION IN THIS WORLD."

So what if you don't like MCR and BVB like me and some of my friends do? Leave us alone! I just found it quite rude of you (whoever you are) to even make an effort to vote down comments that referred to bands that me and my friends like. If you hate my music taste, you could've ignored the post!! You didn't have to vote down or contribute a relatively low rating. I'm just glad you didn't leave any hurtful comments. I may have my own biases (like I'm not a fan of 1D and JB)...but I wouldn't voluntarily insult them or anything. (I lose my mind and do that usually when I'm aggravated and when I'm not thinking straight. Initially, I still try to show their fans respect.)

I've come across posts with Taylor Swift and 1D songs mentioned, but I just ignore that fact! That's the kind of music which that certain person likes, and I can't do anything about it. So, if you don't like my music taste, just ignore me or stay away. You don't even have to vote down comments or give low ratings. Ignorance means apathy--it's like hatred, only you don't care. See? IGNORE.

Now that you know my music taste clashes with yours, just ignore all my music posts! Or if you're really sick of receiving all my band-related posts in your inbox, unfriend me! Go ahead. I'm now more concerned with quality than quantity. Let me be honest: I ignore all posts that have to do with 1D, Taylor Swift, or any other artist I'm not a fan of. (Take note: I said "not a fan of" and not "hate"). So whoever you are, you don't have to be rude. Don't have something in common with me or my friends? Instead of opposing us, ignore us! If I don't like things I see in a certain post (as "light" as having differences in fandoms) I wouldn't comment against it (if I did before, I'm trying my best to control myself from doing that now).

I wouldn't vote down comments either (unless those comments are extremely rude, AND IF THEY INSULT THINGS I LIKE). Though unlike what you did, I wouldn't vote down comments of people HAPPILY EXPRESSING THEIR LOVE FOR THEIR FANDOMS. What's wrong with that? So someone is commenting "I love -insert musician /TV series /book here-!" Not liking a certain thing doesn't entitle me to vote down a fan's comment. I just found it pretty rude. If I had to comment on any post that mentions a song by an artist I don't like, I would try to be nice (and neutral) and say "I like your versatility, and the variation in your music preferences is really admirable." I'm not gonna say: "Oh, you like Taylor? Ew!"

So whoever you are, leave me and my friends alone--don't even vote down our comments about MCR, BVB, or any other band we like. I'm just glad you didn't offend us directly. I may have been biased about musicians I don't like, but I'm trying to change. I don't like JB? Then I may as well be apathetic and keep quiet, rather than complain (which I did before). Now, I only "insult" him for fun so me and my friends who don't like him too can have a good laugh.(In other words, I'm just joking about him!) I don't insult him to insult his fans. How unethical! I am NOW trying my best to be as RESPECTFUL as possible to fans of JB, 1D, Taylor Swift, BOTDF, etc. So YOU may as well be respectful to fans of musicians you don't like. It's the proper thing to do. Anything as simple as a low rating or negative vote, or as complex as an insulting comment can be hurtful to devoted fans of anything.

Anyway, here's the gist of my message. To those who decide to diss me, my friends, and the music we like: Leave us MCRmy and BVBarmy soldiers alone!! We'll leave you alone too if that's what you want.

RANT OVER. PEACE, EVERYONE! Let's not fight if we have differences in preferences. I'm glad that this minor event didn't escalate into a big fight.

See the "incident" it the comments section here: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/iEpCS6n/50-Songs-Repost



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