Quibblo Prom

hey, why not? c:

and btw, i'm going with lillianaathena

Chapter 1

Aaron Pauley Is Better Than You And You Know It

by: abaddon
Okay, so it's official, we're going to have a Quibblo prom/dance thingy!

When: July 12. (Which is a Friday)

Okay boys, so you better hurry up and ask your girls!!!

If you have any suggestions/questions at all, please message this account: http://www.quibblo.com/user/EstherRoxie

Girls, also if you would like you can get all dressed up, and take a picture of yourself to show off to everyone!

There will also be the cutest couple contest, so be sure to vote for the cutest couple! (There will be a Question made on the day of the dance/prom so you can vote.)

Okay, so we have most of it planned out, so if you like this idea, please repost this, so the whole Quibblo world can know!


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