Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Chapter 1


by: CaughtUp

The Cyphers team was made to save the world. They all got their own necklace, showing the symbolism of the element. Until the Cyphers can't take control of their own stone, they die. Except this isn't Earth. It's a place where only Cyphers, normal beings with harmless powers, and the Dark Breakers.

The Dark Breakers plan to kill all Cyphers, and take over the whole universe. Only 6 Cyphers are left. And they are young. Each person has one element. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Lightning, and Light. They must team up and find a way to defeat the Dark Breakers before everyone else dies....


Name: Serena Clinest
Age: 16
Personality: Serious, Brave, Confident, Has Leadership
Appearance: Medium length brown hair with really dark brown eyes, pale skin, 5'3 tall, and skinny
Element: Fire

Name: Brooklyn Orabelle
Age: 19
Personality: Quirky, fun loving, loves to fight, flirty
Appearance: Long reddish brown hair, wide blue eyes, oval face, small straight nose.
Element: Water

Name: Kathryn Riley West
Age: 16
Personality: Kind, Brave, Talented, Curious, Smart
Appearance: Long, Curly Light Blonde Hair with Emerald Green Eyes. Slender. 5' 5". Light Skin. Rosy Cheeks.
Element: Light

Name: Cordelia Ward
Age: 16
Personality: confident, talkative, outgoing, crazy, tempered
Looks: wavy blonde hair to shoulders; hazel eyes; short; muscled; fair skin
Element: lightning

Name: Will Derron
Age: 18
Personality: He is sly and sneaky, but has a temper problem. Even so, he is polite and respectful when someone isn't making him frustrated.Appearance: Curly black hair and pale green eyes hidden behind large glass frames. He is somewhat skinny and has the tatoo of a small black bird on his left ankle
Element: air

Name: Mason Bayeners
Personality: protective, mischievous, secretive, mysterious, strange and loyal.
Looks: layered earthy brown hair that goes down to his chin bangs that stop above his brow, amethyst purple eyes, athletic build, really, really tall and pale skinned.
Element: earth

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