Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Chapter 15

Will's POV: Shape Shifting

by: For_You
"... safe? I mean, this forest isn't really the most secure and safest place," I questioned Serena's authority. Serena never did anything this sudden. She always had a plan and she always told us about it. So, why wasn't she letting us in on the details? And why was Mason ignoring me? We were the best of friends and he wouldn't even talk to me! Did I do something?

"Will's right," Brooklyn agreed, "Serena, may you tell us what is going on? It's almost night."

"Don't worry, we are almost there," she reassured us. Her voice wasn't really reassuring though. Brooklyn fell back and walked beside me.

"I don't know about this... she seems different." I nodded in response. I protectively placed an arm around her and leaned close to her ear.

"It's best if you stay back with the others." She looked at me with her innocent blue eyes.

"I won't let you confront them on your own. They are both powerful. If you are going to be here, I will be by your side." She was noble, but I wanted her safe with Cordelia and Katheryn. However, she was usually stubborn with some things and this was one of those things.

We approached a cave and Serena and Mason stepped to the side, with their arms extended to allow us to enter. It was time to question. I removed my arm from Brooklyn's shoulders and pointed my hands at them. My hands squeezed the air around their throats and I held them up in the air.

"What is going on?" I shouted at them. Cordelia tried to pull me back and loosen my grip, but I shoved her off to keep my focus. Suddenly, the faces of our former friends changed to familiar and frightening faces. Dark Breakers.

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