Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Chapter 2

Serena's POV: Dark Breaker

by: CaughtUp
I ran away. Fast. I couldn't tell if I was thinking straightly. I was running away from something that I couldn't remember. But I sure didn't care. The heat of my stone was rising rapidly. It became hotter each second. Stopping for a minute, I finally caught my breath. Suddenly, shadows covered my sight. I couldn't see anything, it was complete darkness.

Until I heard a strange noise. Looking behind me, I saw red eyes staring at me. I felt like it was the last day of my life. Even though I was a Cypher, I couldn't figure out how to control my powers to defeat the monster. Preparing my last day, I got in the pose as if I was about to get eaten.


"Serena! It was all just a bad nightmare." Brooklyn shook me hard. I blinked my eyes, and looked around. It was the same place. The cottage for the last Cyphers that survived. My mates were Brooklyn, Kathryn, Cordelia, Will, and Mason. They were brave Cyphers, one of the best.

"Wow, I'm glad. It was a terrible dream. Human shaped monsters came out, like they were trying to eat me or something." I rolled my eyes and jumped out of the couch. Will exchanged glances with Mason, as if they were thinking of something. I eyed them carefully. "Hey! Got something on your mind?" I asked Will and Mason. They sat down on the couch and shook their heads.

They always do everything together, since they're the only boys in the Cyphers group. Kathryn grabs her necklace tightly and puts it on. Her stone is oval shaped, and bright gold. She controls light. I could tell something, though. Will and Mason were definitely hiding something. And it would be important. I started to make them feel guilty, dramatically.

"Guys, we're all Cyphers. So if you have anything to say, don't keep it to yourselves. Say it to all of us. We're all a team." I announced. I turned to look at Will and Mason. They didn't bust a move. I sighed heavily and turned to Cordelia. She was my closest friend in the Cyphers. "Don't you think their hiding something?" I whispered to her. She shrugged, and bit on an apple, not caring.

"Okay, call me guilty." Will said. I was shocked. He was sly and sneaky, good at keeping a secret. But a smile appeared on my face as soon as he told the truth. "I think I can decipher what your dream meant." Will spoke slowly. I nodded, and listened to every word he announced.

"Do you know the Dark Breakers? Mentioned in the legends told here in our world?" Mason continued Will's words. I nodded. Dark Breakers? Our absolute nightmare? I once read a book about the legend.... It was not pleasant.

"Okay, you know the legend. If one of the Cyphers have a dream of the ark Breakers, it means the Day of the Dark Breakers is coming." Will and Mason told me. The Day of the Dark Breakers. It sounded so familiar. I heard it when my mother warned me, before she passed away... I shook my head quickly, and arrived back to presence.

"But we're not sure if it was an actual dream or not. I couldn't see it..." I told them. I didn't want to believe that it was coming. The way my mother mentioned it... It seemed absolutely horrible. "Just be aware of it. We need to stick together from now on." Will told us all. Everyone's eyes lit up. "Alright."

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