Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Decyphered: Day Of the Dark Breakers (Group Story)

Chapter 3

Will's POV: The Prophecy

by: For_You
My eyes followed the stone I used the wind to keep floating in the air. They told me not to take it off. Did they actually believe I would listen? My eyes watched Cordelia as she gave me a dirty look. She probably wanted me to put it back on. I rolled my eyes and caught my stone, gripping it in a tight fist. My posture straightened as I sat up straighter on the couch.

“I’ve shown you guys the prophecy, right?” All four girls looked at me with confused glances. So, I only showed Mason…

“You know, Will, we are a team. As a group, you are supposed to give us everything you find,” Serena voiced in a bossy tone. I stood onto my feet, not even bothering to comment with a witty response. I knew she was right. I hated when she was right.

“Where are we headed?” Brooklyn asked, falling into step beside me, her shoulder brushing mine. As the only member older than me, I held great respect for her. She was also the most carefree of the group. To be honest, I had always envied her for her positivity and cheer. I turned to face her glittering, baby-blue eyes and light smile.

“The house library. I remember reading this prophecy a while back.” I was the researcher in the group and read every book in the library at least twice. This specific book was kept locked in the restricted part of the library. But what fun would it be if rules weren’t broken? And to be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to understand Serena’s nightmare if it weren’t for reading the book. My fingers skimmed the book titles until I found it. Secret Truths My eyes lowered, quickly viewing the three authors: John Derron, Kelly West, and Juliana Orabelle. I opened the book before either girl saw her mother’s name on the front cover. I turned the crisp, old pages of the book to page 42 and lay my finger near the middle of the page.

Day of the Dark Breakers
There is one who controls the element of night
By the lady of light
Anger in him had awoken
Turning him darker
Enough to create the first Dark Breaker

Created to destroy
It hunts down each Cypher soul
From every girl to every boy
Storms from water, air, and lightning finish the creature whole
For the sacrifice of their deaths
They are able to save six breaths

One with fire has the vision
One with water falls too deeply in love
One with light makes the hardest decision
One with lightning rises above
One with air suffers the greatest loss
One with earth pays the largest cost

The first Dark breaker will turn into more
Fire makes the prediction
Of what will start the new war
Which can only possibly lead to destruction

The last two lines had been torn from the pages. We all turned to Serena. What exactly did she see in her dream? They tried to eat her… but was it just another nightmare? It couldn’t be how this will all start, would it?

“I DON’T KNOW!” Serena cried under the pressure that she knew we placed on her. She walked over to the nearest seat and sat down. We all sat with her, pondering all of our fates. We all tried to figure out answers, but came up with nothing as a group. Individually, I realized something about my fate.

One with air suffers the greatest loss

I would never tell them that what I would hate to lose most is them. I couldn’t admit that one of them was probably going to die.

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