Shout Outs :D

Chapter 1

Oh, go eat a cookie

Melissa (lolgirlieII)
What can I say? She's amazingly amazing, she's been there for me through everything. She's my best Quibblo friend, has been from the start. I love this chica more than there are stars in the sky.

Hunter (hnardiello)
Awesomest dude in existence. I swear, this guy couldn't be more perfect if he tried. He's always been there when I need help or when I just need to rant for no reason. He's funny, nice, and every other good thing there is. He's never been any less than an amazing friend, and I love him to death.

Alex (TheLastBattle)
I have no words to describe him. But I put him here, so we all know he's my friend.

Jayden (Duck_Queens_Daughter)
She's my best friend in real life. What more can I say?

Alea (aleamellark)
I need her help on this one XD

Colene (waywaywayawesomer)
I miss you :(

Esther (EstherRoxie)
She's extraordinarily sweet, an amazing friend :)

The best brother anybody could ask for :)

Cece (ihateVEGETABLES)
She's insane. But she's awesomer because of her insaness.

I love each of these people. Mess with them, you deal with me. (Anybody know where I can find a meat grinder?)


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