Read.. (It's not important, just an opinion)


Chapter 1

Go ahead and unfriend me if you don't like this story.. I don't care

So recently.. I've seen a lot of stories about..
I'll delete you if you send me this kind of story _
which is totally and utterly fine really.. but am I the only one who has really ever thought about this:How many of you, when creating a story go through your whole friend list and uncheck the people who don't want to get that invite?
Because I know for a fact, I don't.. since that would take longer than the actual chapter that I've written. So when I see those stories, I get what you're all saying, but since everyone has different interests and opinions, I just thought I would share my side of this whole thing. So yeah, that's it..Sorry for wasting any of your guys' time, I just thought I would weigh in on this, and if you don't like it, unfriend me I guess, which is kind of sucky, but I understand if you want to now.



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