ihateVEGETABLES's steps on how to be quibblo famous!

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Chapter 1

Holy potatoes, I'm really bored.

by: FerSure
The suicidal method
(Now, I don't mean to offend anyone going through a hard time, really I understand what it is like but this is just for the lulz)
1. Go on, add a bunch of people.
2. Make multiple stories about how you broke up with your imaginary boyfriend.
3. "Confess" that you're anorexic, bulimic and suffer from nail cancer.
4. Pretend to be your friend "Claudius the chiken" and post at least one story about how you're in the hospital dying, because your nail cancer got worse and that every comment gives you another year to live.
5. Bam! be famous :D
Optional step: 6. Engage in a fight with a not-so-famous user who discovers you were a fake, and delete.

The genius method
1. Be a cold-hearted genius.
2. Get friends to make multiple stories telling people to friend you.
3. Bam! Be quibblo famous! :D

The normal person method
1. Create a quibblerr.
2. Make a ton of quizzes no one really takes anyways.
3. Have one really popular quiz.
4. Let the friend requests pour in.
5. Wait another 1-69 years to get 300 friends.
6. Leave site because you realize how you have no social life.
7. Fail to leave and come back.
Note: the probabilities of this method working for you are 1/over 9,000

The Quibblo way
1. Be quibblo.

The no-life way
1. Spend a whole week sending out friend requests to people who are online.
2. Reach 200 friends in less than a month.
3. Create quizzes/stories like you normally would.
4. Let time do the work
5. Bam! Be quibblo famous! :D

The guy way
1. Create an account.
2. Be a guy.
3. Watch as the friend-requests and messages from single cough forever alone cough females come to your inbox (unless you clearly state that you're gay.)
4. Bam! Be quibblo famous! :D

The attractive person way
There's two ways we can do this:
A. Actually be attractive
B. Steal a super model's picture so you can make it really obvious.

1. Post a picture.
2. Post another picture.
3. You will eventually get a bunch of friend requests.
4. Bam! Be quibblo famous! :D
Countinuation for option B
5. Be discovered by several other users.
6. *Relate to optional step in method #1

The Cece way
1. Use a fake name.
2. Make a bunch of useless stories.
3. Get told you're "hilarious".
4. Leave for a while.
5. Make an AMAZAYN comeback, where you confess to all your lies.
6. Get a lot of acceptance from other users.
7. Bam! You're... Not quibblo famous :D

If you have any ways that you wish to share with us, please feel free to message the ihateVEGETABLES team.
Oh god, I actually tried to sound serious.

Challenge for my beloved friends: post something in the comments that you think I would say! Everything is valid, except whatever sick, perverted comment Lizzy just thought about.


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