Elemental Colors

In the year of 1997 there was a meteor shower. All of the meteors burnt up in our atmosphere, but six of them let off an energy. These energies went into six different pregnant women around the world, without there knowledge.

Fifteen years later, there's another meteor shower. one meteor explodes in our atmosphere sending an energy wave around the world. this awakens the energy inside of the six teenagers.

Chapter 1

Character Infos

by: cjcj
Name: James Walker
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Home: Massachusetts, USA
Personality: Smart, brave, kind, leader
Looks: Tall, average strength, blue eyes
Family: Only child, both parents
Other: None

Name: Jacqueline Stiller (Jackie for short)
Gender: female
Color: Yellow
Home: Sweden, Maine
Personality: intelligent, incredible memory, adventurous
Looks: short, fair skin, light brown hair, green eyes
Family: mother Katherine, and older sister Shannon. Her father Christopher passed several years ago.
Other: she moved from Maine to Canada, to Chicago and back to Maine throughout her life with her mother's work. She's used to change and learns a lot from experience.

Name: Alyssa Irons
Name: Thomas Irons
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Home: Manhattan, New York
Personality: Bad temper, personable, unique, loyal, funny, extremely intelligent but doesn't use it
Looks: shaggy brownish/reddish hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, average height, skinny
Family: Mom and Dad (both dead) and older sister
Other: Believes that he can eventually use his power to bring his parents back. Lives in a foster home with several other children, including his sister. Every time he brings someone back, it hurts him when they die again.

Name: Joanna Stevens
Gender: female
Color: red
Home: Jacksonville, Florida
Personality: short temper, loud, obnoxious, dare-devil, doesn't think before she acts, tends to get in trouble a LOT
Looks: fiery red hair that she dyes black and puts different colored streaks in, tall and willowy, about 5' 8", stormy grey eyes
Family: four older brothers, Jackson, James, Will, and Jake, mother Janice and father Jamie
Other: she desperately wants to travel the world, to get out of Florida, anything

Name: Griffin Alexander
Gender: Male
Color: Green
Home: Texas
Personality: Shy at First, Doesn't Get Sarcasm, Friendly, Kind, Loyal, Not Very Brave, Average Smarts.
Looks: Short, Curly Brown Hair, Tan Skin, Green Eyes, Faint Freckles.
Family: His Mom and two sisters. Father died overseas.
Other: Gets teased a lot at school because of his height and how most of his friends are animals not people. Has many pets.

Name: Lydia Crocker
Gender: Female
Color: White
Home: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Personality: Smart,shy, quiet, surfer girl
Looks: Tall, bleach blond hair, tan skin, emerald green eyes
Family: Her parents, Grandma, 2 older brothers, and a little sister
Other: Is really good when it comes to surfing and skateboarding, is really shy around people though and likes to spend most of her time in the water Surfing riding out waves. When she is not doing that she like to read.

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