Elemental Colors

In the year of 1997 there was a meteor shower. All of the meteors burnt up in our atmosphere, but six of them let off an energy. These energies went into six different pregnant women around the world, without there knowledge.

Fifteen years later, there's another meteor shower. one meteor explodes in our atmosphere sending an energy wave around the world. this awakens the energy inside of the six teenagers.

Chapter 2


by: cjcj
"Meteorologist from NASA say that the asteroid should burn up in our atmosphere somewhere over northern Connecticut" Said the newscaster/

I drove my bike to the base of the small mountain that pops up in the middle of our little valley. A bunch of teens were gathered, spiting up into groups of friends as they walked up. Different social clicks gathered, all talking about the coming show.

I hooked my bike up to a tree, and then checked my phone. "hey were already on top, saved a spot! meet you up there." said a text from my friend. Great I'll have to walk up alone like a looser.

Walking up, people said hi to me as they walked by. They all knew me, weather it was from a club or standing in front of my grade as class president. But would any of them invite me to walk with them? Of course not.

So i reach the top and the view is beautiful. In front of us the landscaped spread out, filled mostly with trees and the occasional building popping up. I walked though the crowd of people, and found the small group of people i consider friends. They had found a perfect spot right on the side of the cliff. in front of us the mountain went straight down. A 1,000 foot cliff. This sight might spook a lot of people into walking a few feet back, but i loved it.

Soon, the sun started going down, and the stars coming out. Someone in the crowd announced that it was about to happen. We looked up, as the comet shooted over us high above. Scientist said that it would orbit us for a while before actually burning up, and thats what it was doing now. Behind it particles burned off in flashes of different colored light, creating an amazing sight.

Suddenly, as it was far out in the sky in front of us, it blew up in a spectacle of lights. A wave took off going in all directions, a ring that grew bigger and bigger as it flew over the landscape. Trees shook as the wave of wind and light flew by it, flying ever closer to us.

By now most people were freaking out. It hit us, and we all were knocked back. Then it was silent. Everyone started getting up again, helping each other and seeing if everyone was alright. I had a buzzing in my ears as I still laid on the ground. My friend looked at me and said hesitantly, "James, your eyes are blue."

"I know they are why does that matter?" I asked

"No, all of it is blue. Not just the Iris".

I tried to stand up, but i suddenly got a huge headache, and the ringing in my ears grew ten times stronger. I screamed and collapsed on the ground. Then i heard people screaming all around me, and i looked up and saw everyone blown back on the ground in a perfect semicircle around me.

I tried to get up again, but stumbled backwards, and off the edge of the cliff.

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