Elemental Colors

In the year of 1997 there was a meteor shower. All of the meteors burnt up in our atmosphere, but six of them let off an energy. These energies went into six different pregnant women around the world, without there knowledge.

Fifteen years later, there's another meteor shower. one meteor explodes in our atmosphere sending an energy wave around the world. this awakens the energy inside of the six teenagers.

Chapter 3


Connecticut is a little too close for comfort. Or at least, that's where the newscaster claimed NASA predicted the meteor was going to collide with Earth's atmosphere in a fiery inferno that would hopefully not leave a crater permanently planted in New England.

Of course the people in Connecticut had it worse, but here in Maine, I would still see the meteor shooting across the sky.

Well, I would be able to see it, if it weren't for my mom and older sister Shannon, who wanted me safely inside the house for a movie night in the basement. With Shannon totally into superhero stuff, she picked out the Fantastic Four for us to watch. I mean, it was alright, but nothing would top this meteor display.

"Jackie?" my mom called from the bottom of the stairs. "Your sister is waiting for you. Are you coming?"

"Yeah, mom," I checked the clock. 8:24, the meteor shower was coming in approximately six minutes. "I'll be right there." Tossing my phone on my bed, I dashed down the stairs.

Five minutes later, we were all curled up on the couch with a bucket of microwave popcorn to pass between us. Pressed up against my sister, I very carefully slipped my hand into her sweatshirt pocket until my fingers clamped around her phone. Ever so subtly I pressed the 3 button (my speed dial) and coughed to cover up the beep. Right on cue, my phone began to sing from upstairs.

"Oops, sorry mom!" I blurted, my face red. "I'll go get that." While I might have brilliant ideas, I was a bit lacking in the execution. Before she could answer, I left them to watch the opening credits as I sprinted up the stairs. Snatching up my phone and hitting End Call, I charged down the hall into my mom's room, shoving open the glass door and finding myself on her balcony, overlooking the lake.

Thank goodness it was already pitch black. After a minute of scanning the sky, I almost began to fear I had missed it when I saw a blaze of light come into focus from the darkness. The trail of fire burned brightly and I could imagine the reflection in my eyes. The still, dull lake waters mirrored its tail as it sped across the atmosphere.

"Whoa," I choked. I started to panic as it got closer. I backed up and tripped over a flowerpot on the balcony.

Clinging to the railing for balance, I was overcome with a wave of nausea. It felt like something was trying to nail its way out of my skull. I kept hearing whispers and whines and scratches, like a million bees whirring about, having a conversation in my eardrums. Suddenly it was too much to take.

Collapsing backwards with such force that I broke through the old wooden posts, I fell face first toward the opening in the balcony, but was caught by the stone-hard floor. The wind knocked out of me, I watched my phone plummet to the yard and shatter on the stone path, and couldn't shake the thought that that could've been me.

I screamed as a noise erupted in my head promptly before I blacked out.

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