Elemental Colors

In the year of 1997 there was a meteor shower. All of the meteors burnt up in our atmosphere, but six of them let off an energy. These energies went into six different pregnant women around the world, without there knowledge.

Fifteen years later, there's another meteor shower. one meteor explodes in our atmosphere sending an energy wave around the world. this awakens the energy inside of the six teenagers.

Chapter 8


by: cjcj
When someone falls off a cliff in movies, they normally get a minute or so to do or say something.

But by the time i realized what was happening the ground was coming up quick. I had just enough time to wish i was anywhere else right now, before everything went black.


I woke up, and felt sand. I heard the sound of the ocean coming from somewhere in front of me. I don't live near the ocean?

I got up and felt my head spinning. I looked around me. I sat on a sandy white beach, surrounded by clear, blue water. One look told me it was an island, a really small island. The sun beat down and a gently breeze blue warm air in my face.

I was definitely not in Massachusetts anymore.

Ill skip over the first hour or so. It was basically me freaking out, tripping in the water, meeting a sea turtle, then a shark, and finally calming down in the sand.

I began to realize what happened to me. Somehow, I mustn't teleported here. I also thought about the people being knocked back. I looked down at the sand and reached my hand down at it. I focused hard... and it moved.


I spent the rest of the day practicing with my power. The more i used it, the stronger it got. Soon i could pick fish out of the water with my mind and cook them on a fire i made out of dried wood. I could eventual teleport myself across the island with ease.

I was ready. I figured i was somewhere in the Caribbean, so I focused in on Florida, thinking of everything I knew about it. I faced the direction I figured it was in, and the world went dark

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