The Sandy Rose

Okay, this is a sequel to We Are Hidden Secrets. You need to have read We Are Hidden Secrets in order to understand this.

Chapter 1

Sancha: Going back to school

This is in case you didn't read the intro: Okay, this is a sequel to We Are Hidden Secrets. You need to have read We Are Hidden Secrets in order to understand this.

"I can't believe you!" The principle yells.

"Why? Is something wrong?" I ask.

"You missed school for 5 days! That's a whole week of school!"

"I know how to count school days, sir, and both Rose and I have shown you our information slips. We are both excused from our time away from school."

"Yes, the unexpected trip to the mountains because of your mom."

"It was a test that her sobriety class wanted us to do with her. It was all very last minute." I say calmly with Rose squiming next to me.

"So explain to me why she had to come?" The principle asks.

"I believed it would be safer that way and I trust Rose."

"...Ahhh!!!!!! Fine, you win this time. I am still waiting for the $594 dollars you owe the school." the principle finishes smugly.

"No." I reply, equally smug.

"Wha..." the principle starts, lost for words.

"I had nothing to do with that bonfire, my books were taken away from me. Therefore I shouldn't have to pay a single penny." I say, wishing to just close my mouth and walk away into a dark corner, but I started this talk and I am going to finish.

"Uh-come on...I am sure we could work out a bargain?" the principle asks.

"She said no!" Rose yells, already starting to loose her temper.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I won't be paying anything. Good day. Come on Rose." I say, turning and walking out the door.

After walking for a few minutes Rose asks, "Okay now what happened to my goody-two-shoes on steroids friend? Because that in there was not her."

I smile, "I just figured that if I was able to stand up to my dad and basically go through everything else we went through. Then I am able to go through school without being pushed around. Now come on before we're late for class."

"There is my goody-two-shoes on steroids friend," Rose says, with a smile, "Meet up after school?"

"Sure thing. By the bike rack, bye, try not to get dentition today." I yell behind my back as I run to class.

I walk into Math and see the teacher, Mrs. Stuber. She was a nice lady, short golden brown hair, emerald green eyes, and average weight and height. She is passing out papers that is supposed to be a "pop quiz" that I already know all the answers to.

"Now, Sancha, I am sure you don't have to take the test, after all you weren't here all last week." Mrs. Stuber whispers to me.

"I am sure I'll be fine." I say, with a sweet little smile.

She smiles back and hands me a paper. I look to see how many questions there are, 10, not too bad.

I grab a pencil and look at the first question.

If Sally places a rocket that is 3 feet 6 inches tall atop a launch pad that is 1 foot 8 inches tall, how tall will the entire unit, rocket and launch pad, be when she is done?
A. 5 feet 4 inches
B. 5 feet 2 inches
C. 1 foot 8 inches
D. 4 feet 2 inches

I almost laugh at how easy the question is, I quickly answer B and move on to the next question.

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