Bella and Cissy

I had the sudden urge to write about Bellatrix and Narcissa. Here you are!

Please comment, constructive criticism is welcome.

Chapter 1

Dinner at the Lestranges'

"In here, Cissy!” Bellatrix Black pushed open the double doors at the top of the stairs, pausing to make sure no one in the dining room below had heard her urgent whisper.
“This is wrong!” Narcissa’s voice rose to an almost hysterical pitch; Bellatrix clapped her hand over her sister’s mouth to silence her. “What if Mrs. Lestrange catches us? You’d put our family to shame!”
“She’s not going to catch us,” Bellatrix replied. “Follow me.” She slipped through the double doors and into the Lestranges’ master chamber, which was high-ceilinged and very large indeed. Immediately, her eyes were drawn to an ornate box the size of her palm sitting on Mrs. Lestrange’s vanity.
Narcissa looked from Bellatrix to the box and back again, shaking her head. “Bella, please! You said we’d just have a look around. Mother and Father will notice we’re missing from the dinner table soon enough!”
“They’re too busy chatting up the Lestranges to notice anything, Cissy,” Bellatrix snapped, making her way to the vanity and opening the box’s clasp. “Trying to set me up with Rodolphus again, I expect.”
Narcissa walked to her sister’s side, looking over her shoulder guiltily as if she feared Mrs. Lestrange would suddenly materialize in the doorway. “Bella…”
“Look at these jewels!” Bellatrix’s eyes widened as she surveyed the contents of the box.
“They’re beautiful,” Narcissa breathed, momentarily forgetting everything that had been on her mind two seconds ago. She reached out to grab an emerald-studded tiara from its velvety cushion, but her sister beat her to it.
“What do you think?” Bellatrix placed the tiara on her head, pausing to admire her reflection in the vanity’s mirror.
“You look lovely,” Narcissa replied enviously, wrapping her bony arms around her knees.
“Do you think Mrs. Lestrange will notice if something goes missing?” Bellatrix plucked a silver bracelet from the box and slipped it onto her wrist.
“Yes, I do think she’ll notice.” A voice sharp as razor blades sounded suddenly, coldly, and a figure appeared in the doorway of the Lestranges’ chamber. “I wouldn’t try to take anything, if I were you.”
Bellatrix raised her eyebrows, a crooked smile distorting her features. “Why, Rodolphus! Care to join us? I think these ruby earrings would contrast perfectly with your milky skin.” She held up the earrings, waving them tauntingly.
“No thanks, I’m a bit too old for dress-up.” Rodolphus moved to stand beside Bellatrix, scowling. “Get out of my mother’s jewelry box.”
“Why should we?” Narcissa’s voice came out soft, but defiant.
Rodolphus laughed. “Because your parents are wondering where you’ve gone, darling. You’re lucky I found you.”
Bellatrix’s eyes narrowed. “Are you going to tell them what we’ve been doing?”
“Ah. You see, I was. But then I thought, on one condition, I’d hold my tongue.” He smirked.
“What’s the condition?”
“That you give me a kiss, Bellatrix.”
Narcissa uttered a small squeak of incredulity, but Bellatrix shrugged. She placed the emerald-studded tiara back in the box, but flicked her sleeve over the bracelet still encircling her wrist. “If that’s all you want, then. Pucker up.”

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