Bella and Cissy

I had the sudden urge to write about Bellatrix and Narcissa. Here you are!

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Chapter 3

Madam Rosmerta's Best Firewhiskey

After breakfast the following day, Hogwarts's deputy headmistress passed out lesson schedules. Bellatrix had Herbology with Rodolphus and the rest of the fifth-year Slytherins first. Much to her dismay, the day was rainy and bleary; her robes were soaked by the time she made it down to the greenhouses.
When Bellatrix opened the door of greenhouse three, she walked straight into Avery, who had been showing off his prefect's badge to the rest of his peers. She scowled and moved over to stand beside Alecto Carrow. "Wonder who else's been made a prefect this year. Maybe they can hook up with Avery," she muttered bitterly.
"/I/ was made prefect," Alecto said, pointing to the silver badge pinned to her robes. "And I wouldn't like to hook up with him, thank you very much."
The rest of that morning, Bellatrix concluded, was terrible. History of Magic with Professor Binns had been a huge waste of time, and she was no good at Potions. At lunch she sat alone until Rodolphus sidled up beside her and sat down uncomfortably close.
"You jealous of Alecto or something?" he asked, taking an enormous bite of his sandwich.
"Don't chew with your mouth full."
"Well, are you?"
"No," Bellatrix replied, annoyed, but, to be honest, she was. She'd wanted to prove to her mother that she wasn't completely useless, but apparently the headmistress had agreed with Druella when it came to the handing out of shiny silver prefect's badges.
Bellatrix's mood worsened when Lucius Malfoy slid onto the bench across from her, Narcissa following him like an adoring puppy. He smirked and pulled a bottle from the pocket of his robes, handing it to Bellatrix under the table.
"What's this?" she asked.
"Madam Rosmerta's best firewhiskey, says so right on the label," Lucius replied, pointing to the front of the bottle. "My uncle sent it to me."
"What does he want you to do with it?" Narcissa asked, wide-eyed.
"Drink it, of course. He's always giving me gifts. This is probably his best one yet." Lucius chuckled, grabbing the bottle back and slipping it into his pocket again. "Bellatrix, meet Narcissa and me outside the third floor boys' bathroom tonight, and we'll have ourselves a little celebration. Bring Rodolphus too."
"What are we celebrating?"
"The fact that Narcissa here successfully completed her first day at Hogwarts," Lucius replied. "So you'll be there?" He raised his eyebrows mockingly, daring Bellatrix to say no.
"We'll be there," she confirmed, just as the lessons bell rang. "Come on, Rodolphus. We've got Charms." She wasn't so sure that getting drunk off firewhiskey was such a good idea, especially when they were doing so right under the noses of their teachers, but she'd rather eat a barrel of flobberworms than admit that to Lucius Malfoy.

That night, Bellatrix crept out of the Slytherin dormitory, Rodolphus on her heels. "Do you really want to do this?" he whispered, but Bella shushed him and continued on.
"Thought you'd decided not to come," Lucius said, eyes glinting malevolently, as Bellatrix and Rodolphus stopped short at the sight of him standing outside their meeting place. "Well, come inside. The teachers'll get suspicious if they see us congregating out here."
"Inside the boys' bathroom?" Narcissa asked incredulously.
"Yes." Lucius held the door open for her, Bellatrix, and Rodolphus. Bellatrix was wary of Lucius, but she never gave up a chance to break school rules.
"Make yourselves at home." Lucius pulled four goblets out of the pockets of his robes, along with the bottle of Madam Rosmerta's best firewhiskey. He began to pour generous amounts of firewhiskey into each of the goblets; when they were full, he held his up and declared, "A toast to my uncle Brutus."
Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Rodolphus held up their goblets. Lucius took a long draft of his immediately, and Rodolphus followed suit, but Bellatrix and Narcissa sat staring at their goblets.
"Haven't you ever had firewhiskey before?" Lucius asked mockingly. "Bellatrix, I'm surprised."
"I've had it before," Bellatrix shot back. "When I was little. I remember my aunt Walburga sneaking me some."
"Well, what are you afraid of?" Lucius took another gulp and raised his eyebrows at the sisters. "Bottoms up!"

An hour later, Bellatrix stumbled down the stone steps leading toward the Slytherin common room. She'd had more firewhiskey than anyone else after Lucius had accused her of being afraid to try any; she'd just been wondering if he'd poisoned it.
"Ms. Black?" Avery stopped Bellatrix in the hallway, thrusting out his chest so that his prefect's badge caught the light. "What are you doing out of bed at this hour?"
"I could ask you the same question," Bellatrix slurred.
"Never mind that," Avery said angrily. "Get to your dormitory, or I'll have to report you!"
Bellatrix laughed mockingly and stumbled down some more steps; within minutes, she had managed to reach the Slytherin common room. She noticed that Lucius and Narcissa were sitting in armchairs by the fire, Narcissa fighting to stay awake; they must've taken a shortcut. When Bellatrix reached her dormitory, she fell to the ground, fully clothed, and succumbed to sleep.

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