Bella and Cissy

I had the sudden urge to write about Bellatrix and Narcissa. Here you are!

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Chapter 8

The News

It was official. Bellatrix and Narcissa weren't speaking to each other.
The end of September went by in a flash, and October and November rushed by the same way. Soon, Christmas was only a week away, and the sisters were still wallowing deep in their anger.
Both Lucius and Rodolphus found their fight amusing, which infuriated Bellatrix. Narcissa, always the better one of the two, found a way to laugh along with them; for months, Bellatrix didn't talk to any of them, but chose to sit with Alecto and Amycus at meals instead.
Eventually, Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda took the Hogwarts Express home for the winter holidays, but Bella and Cissy did not acknowledge each other in any way. Their aunt Walburga came to fetch them from the train station, which, to Bellatrix, was odd, but she had made a vow to keep her lips zipped when she was in Narcissa's presence. She did not say a word.
When they arrived at the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, their Aunt Walburga led them to the drawing room; for hours they sat alone together, waiting for her to return, until the door opened again and their father slipped in. He looked weary; his hair seemed grayer than ever, and, Narcissa noticed, he walked rather stiffly. When he sat down across from them, her stomach twisted in discomfort. She could tell something was wrong, and Andromeda could too. Bellatrix, on the other hand, asked loudly, "Where's Mother?"
"Your mother..." Cygnus ran a hand through his hair, standing it up on end. His face sagged. "She's sick. She was transferred to St. Mungo's yesterday, and...she can't have visitors yet."
The news was like a punch to Narcissa's gut. "What does she have?"
"Some Wizarding virus. We don't really know. We're just...taking it one day at a time, I guess," Cygnus replied. "I would've sent a letter, but I think we agree this is news best delivered in person...I'm sorry your holiday's been ruined, but you had to know."
Bellatrix's mouth opened, but no sound came out. Cygnus stood up from his chair and exited the room, his sighs echoing all the way down the hallway. Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Andromeda sat there for a while, neither of them saying a word, until Narcissa unexpectedly lunged forward and wrapped her sister in a bony hug.
"Oh, Bella, Mother's sick! She's sick, and all we've been doing is fighting!"
"I'm sorry, Cissy," Bellatrix replied in an unconvincing tone. She felt bad about giving her mother a hard time, but then again...she was also a little angry.
"They have to let us visit Mother," Andromeda said, rising from her chair. "I mean, we're family. They've got to let us in!"

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