Chapter 1


I've been over and over this a million times................. But nobody seems to understand how I feel, or they just don't care maybe? Even my BEST friends... It's so frustrating when you feel like this, even with your future husband! (Maybe, I don't even know anymore...) I love all of you, but I don't feel like the feeling is mutual!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel alone, neglected, ignored, etc. I've talked to some of you about it, none of you understand, and if you do, you don't care, because you do nothing about it. Do any of you REALLY care? I don't even know anymore.......... Now I feel like I just have a bunch of friends, but yet none of them care at all, it seems that they just pretend... Please guys, don't be offended, I can't help how I feel. But tell me now if you are a TRUE friend, please... No, no, don't just tell me, show me, prove it to me! I feel like I don't really have any real friends anymore except for DD. So, yeah, I have like 900+ friends, but are they really friends? I tell someone something from my heart, how I feel, and then all they do is laugh. (You know, they say lol.) I comment something nice on their profile, do they leave me a comment? Most of the time, no........ (And those who do, I love you so much.) I've always been a loner, always will be, simple as that.


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