My Book of Rants

Okay, so I get annoyed with stuff, and I decided to make a rant book! Don't take everything seriously, because I'm not trying to hurt anyone. And please, argue in comments. It's fun! XD

Chapter 1


Okay, you might be confused what I'm talking about, "hypocrisy." Okay, so you all probably have that one person you know that just does exactly what she complains about. It just ANNOYS ME TO DEATH.
I understand sometimes being hypocritical, it happens, we're human. But when it's constant...... It's aggravating.
Here's an example of what bugs me:
"Oh my gosh.... I just really hate it when people annoy me about whatever"
does that exact thing

Really??? At least don't complain about it! It makes you look stupid, and it's really annoying.

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