Little rant thing about the 1700s...

Chapter 1

K lets make this quick...

If all these things are true about church and christian in the 1700s, im surprised everyone wasnt Aithiest! I mean these puritans... So strict!
And they do t even know what they are talking about! "The Sabath is for church"
No... The sabbath is a day of rest...
"The lord does not love such adornment"
Really? Cause my bible says his love never fails!
"What am inspiring message about judgement day!"
... Are you kidding... I garuntee that would be a message saying dont so this, don't do that or hell it is!
"Maybe The Lord can forgive us for this"
It clearly states that he does!
They were so vain! They want to correct someone about what they are wearing, when they have never made a mistake before...
You sure were spreading the gospel in the 1700s werent you... Gospel mean good news... Not reasons that you deserve to die and go to hell!
I mean half of those things are in the old testimate! Ya know what that means? It doesn't matter anymore! Jesus, said himself, (put in my own context and words...)
Forget all that old stuff, just accept me and be done with it...

Im serious! I am so surprised everyone didnt go aithiest on us....
This is what I mean when I say religious nuts..

There is also a difference between respect and child bootcamp!
Yes, the bible says obey your parents, but it doesn't say, whip your kids for not bowing when they enter the room! I agree with spanking, but gosh dang! I feel bad for those kids!

Christians in the ditch...


-Christiankid out-


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