Shattered Skies

For Cashfour4's story tournament.

The first chapter is about the beginning of an alien invasion.

Chapter 1

The Darkest Hour

July 6, 2013
London, England, UK

"What a shoddy movie that was!"

Maria frowned as they walked out of the theatre.

As they left the building, the sun rushed at them, challenging them to adjust to the light. Donovan had put his free hand up to his forehead, trying futilely to block out he sun. His other hand was holding Maria's.
They had just come from watching 'After Earth,' a movie Donovan Adams had been excited to see, that is, until he found out who directed it. Then, it was Maria's persistence alone that had dragged him out of bed that day.

"I'd hate to say I told you so, but--" Donovan said humorously
"Oh, don't even go there." Maria smiled up at him. She had to listen to him complain about seeing the movie all the way there. Although she wasn't going to admit it, he was right: he had told her it would be bad.

They walked along the sidewalk slowly, giving their legs enough time to wake up and get the blood flowing again after the motionless two hours or so they had just wasted in the dark theatre. Their eyes had seemed to adjust to the light finally, and they continued walking down the street.

Donovan and Maria had known each other since high school, but it wasn't until junior year of college that Donovan mustered up enough courage to ask Maria to the junior prom. That was four years ago, and now they lived together in their own flat in the middle of London, where Maria was born.

They continued down the street until they came across the Starbucks by the corner.
"Can we go in really quick? I need something to wash down the popcorn." Maria looked up at him and smiled. Donovan smiled back and nodded towards the door. They walked in and approached the counter. The barista had his back turned to them. Maria gave a small cough to get his attention, and he swung around to face them. To neither of their surprise, it was Arthur Addington, Maria's brother.

"Hey, Art," Maria said cheerfully.
"Hey, sis," Arthur said back. He looked over at Donovan, "How's it going, Donny?"
"Pretty swell, Art. And yourself?"

Arthur shrugged, "I can't complain, really."

"As much as I hate to break up your little bonding time," Maria chuckled, "I'd like to order.

"Of course, and what can I get you?"
Maria pondered her options, and finally opted for a small hot chocolate.

"Alright, that's a small hot chocolate for the misses. And you, Donny?"

Donovan shook his head, "I'm fine, thank you."

With that, Arthur picked up a small cup and walked over to one of the large dispensers attached to the wall. He put the cup underneath the nozzle, and pulled back the lever on the side. The machine whistled as it poured hot chocolate into the cup. As the whistling died down, Arthur popped a cap on, slid a cup jacket over it, and gently handed it over to Maria.

"Thanks Art," Maria's voice was muffled as she raised the cup to her lips.

"How much would that be?" Donovan said, pulling his wallet out.
"For you guys? Consider it on the house." Arthur leaned on the counter.

"Aw, thanks Art. You're a good man." Maria said as she took another sip from her cup.
"Don't mention, little sis."

As they began to leave, Arthur put a hand on Donovan's shoulder, "Hey, Donny, can I talk to you really quick?"
Donovan looked at him, and immediately knew what he wanted. He looked back over to Maria.
"Can you go out and wait a minute, babe?"
"Of course." Maria smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.
"I'll be out in a minute or two." Donovan said as Maria walked outside and sat down on a bench.
Donovan looked back at Arthur, "Yes?"

"Well, did you," Arthur began, "did you ask her yet?"
About a week ago, Donovan went to a local jewelry store and bought what he had on reserve for almost a year now: a diamond ring. After four years together, Donovan knew he wanted to be with her more than anything, and he was going to propose to her soon. The problem was trying to make it memorable. Donovan dropped a lot of money on the ring, and wanted to ask her when the moment was right. He was trying to pull enough money together to take her somewhere romantic, somewhere good enough to propose. He had yet to find a perfect time and place, though.

Donovan sighed, "No, I haven't yet."
"What!" Arthur exclaimed, "what do you mean you haven't yet?"
"Well, I haven't found the right time to ask her yet."
"The right time!? Donovan," Arthur gave a long sigh, "Look, You and my little sister have been dating for what? Four years now? Maria loves you more than anything, and I know you love her. So just-" his voice trailed off. He took a second to gather himself, and talked in an almost whisper-like tone, "just, don't screw it up, okay?"

Donovan gave a light-hearted chuckled, "Don't worry, Art, I won't. I promise."
"I'll hold you to that."
"Oh, and another thing--"

Before he could continue, a woman in the shop got up and looked out the window. "What happened to the sky?"

Donovan and Arthur swung around, and looked out the window, The sky had grown extremely dark, as if it were in the middle of a storm. Just a minute ago, it had been a typical hot and sunny July day. Outside, crowds of people gathered to look at something in the sky. Donovan and Arthur couldn't see it from inside the shop. Donovan caught a glimpse of Maria, who had stood up from the bench to look up at the sky as well. She had dropped her cup, splashing the drink all over the street.

Donovan ran to the door and pulled it open. He was hit immediately with a cold gust of air. A chill ran up his spine as the cold settled on his skin. Cold air? In July? No, something was wrong. When they left the theatre, it had been sunny and hot. Now it was grey and cold. Donovan walked over to Maria. She didn't take notice of him, but she was still looking intently at the sky. It wasn't until Donovan looked up that he saw what everyone was staring at.

Something hovering in the sky. A black object, just hovering there in the sky, as if it were frozen. It didn't look like anything he had ever seen. Was it a plane? No, he had never seen a plane like that before. Whatever it was, it was huge.
Suddenly, another object appeared in the sky, looking just like the other one. But it didn't descend from the sky. It just appeared out of thin air, as if it were there the whole time. Then another one popped up, and another, and another.

Soon, the sky was filled with these objects. They were no more than a few meters apart. Donovan felt he should go back inside, but something kept him there, standing and watching.

Then, a glowing orb of blue light appeared to come from the object, right in the middle of the underside of it. Then the other objects followed its lead, and soon they all had blue light glowing on them.
Then there was a ear shattering noise that filled the air. Everyone keeled over and covered their ears. It was only then that Donovan and Maria broke out of their frozen stances and gripped their ears, too. The sound was high pitched, like what happens when you hold a microphone too close to the receptor. Only amplified. A lot more amplified.
Then, the noise stopped abruptly, and filled the air with something even more terrifying:


Not a noise was made, as if the whole world were just frozen in time. Everyone slowly looked back up at the objects, still showing a blue light on their bottoms. Donovan grabbed Maria by the shoulder, and began to walk backwards with her, when Arthur opened the door to the shop, waving for them to hurry up inside. He must have just felt the cold, too, because he had a shocked look on his face as soon as he opened the door.
Donovan and Maria were walking to the door, when another ear splitting noise rang out. They all grabbed at their ears again. This time, the noise lasted much shorter than the previous one. It was followed by dead silence once again.
Then the blue light from the ship suddenly shot down at the ground, moving at an incredible speed. It hit the side of the movie theatre, and gave a loud bang as it exploded upon impact. The theatre shattered amidst an aura of blue light. Bricks and dust flew everywhere as people began to run away. Suddenly, the other objects began shooting their blue lights down, too. They crashed down in rapid succession, blowing away buildings, cars, and people. Donovan and Maria were at the door of the shop when a explosion went off next to them, sending them flying off to the right.
They hit the ground hard. Amidst the chaos of explosions and screaming, Donovan could hear a rib crack. He wasn't sure if it was his own, or if it was Maria's. As he struggled to get up, he felt a pain strike his side. His put an arm to his side, and felt a loose piece of bone where one of his ribs should be. He cried out in pain, but continued to get up. He pulled Maria up as well, and noticed that she now had large cut running from her left eye down to her bottom lip. It had bled significantly, and found that his own shirt was covered in blood. He felt around his chest, and cringed as he felt a cut running across his stomach. He gripped his stomach with one hand, and used the other to help Maria up. Arthur was still inside, motioning for them to get in. Donovan wrapped his free arm around Maria, and together they limped into the shop.

"Jesus, What the hell is going on?!" Arthur yelled, but no one heard him over the explosions and cries from outside. Arthur grabbed a hold off Maria's other side, and Donovan and Arthur helped Maria out the back door of the shop.
Back there, it was much quieter than outside. Now they could talk, although they could barely hear through heir blown out ear drums, thanks to the explosions.

Donavan and Arthur sat Maria down in a chair, and Donovan kneeled down beside her. The whole building was vibrating in rhythmic patterns, in sync with the explosions.
"Maria, can you hear me, sweetheart?" Donovan said.
Maria didn't say anything, but nodded at him.
"Don't worry, sweetheart, we'll get out here soon. Just stay with me, okay?"
"Okay." Maria said in a whimpering tone, almost as if she was afraid to say anything.

Arthur fumbled round in his personal work locker, scrambling to find something.
Donovan looked over, and, though his ears were still ringing, yelled out, "Art, what are you doing?"

Arthur continued to fumble around, apparently not listening to Donovan.


Arthur finally pulled out a set of keys, showed them to Donovan. He yelled over all the noise, "We can take my car, and get the hell out of here!"

Donovan picked Maria up in both arms, and followed Arthur out the back door.
As soon as they stepped outside, they all began gasping for air. Dust and smoke piled into the city, and the explosions were still going off everywhere. The parking was riddled with holes, but they managed to spot Arthur's car through the smoke. They dashed for the car, and piled into it as fast as they could. Donovan laid Maria down in the back seats, and sat up front with Arthur as he tried to get his car to start.

"Come on, Art, we gotta get the hell out of here!" Donovan yelled over the chaos. He gripped Maria's hand from behind him.

"I'm trying. I'm trying!" Arthur yelled as he kept turning the key in the ignition, trying to get it started up.
Suddenly, the car lit up, and Arthur put it in drive, and sped out as fast as the car could go.

The three of them drove down the rode as best they could, avoiding explosions and people alike. Sometimes, an explosion would go off near the car, and cause it to swerve and shake.
Suddenly, one of the blue lights shot down straight at them. Arthur didn't have enough time to maneuver out of its path, and the light hit the car directly on the hood. The front of the car shattered into pieces, throwing everyone around. The rest of the car tumbled over the wreckage of the front, destroying the entire thing.

Donovan opened his eyes wearily. He couldn't hear anything but a small buzzing noise in his ears. He tried getting up, but realized that his left arm was caught under a piece of the destroyed motor.
As he pried at his arm, he noticed a tall, humanoid figure approaching. It has the figure of a human, but that was where the similarities ended. The thing was covered head to toe in a weird black, metallic armor. The thing's helmet glowed a dark shade of blue from where Donovan guessed its eyes were. As it approached, Donovan saw a small piece of exposed skin, by the thing's neck. Its skin was a grey color, nothing like that of a human's. The figure was carrying something, but Donovan couldn't make it out through his blurred vision. It looked like a weapon of some sort, but Donovan had no intention of finding out.
He yanked his arm at the motor piece harder and harder, and he could feel it scraping and cutting his arm up from underneath it. He continued pulling at it as the creature drew near. Finally, he turned his head to find himself face-to-face with the creature. The creature stared at Donovan through its helmet, and tilted its head, as if it were trying to study him. Donovan was still laying on the ground, unable to move.
The creature stood directly above Donovan. It pointed its weapon at Donovan's head. Donovan could see a small flickering pulse from deep within the barrel of the weapon. The flickering stopped, and the entire barrel began to glow yellow. The gun made a small humming noise, and the creature was about to pull the trigger. Suddenly, the left side of the creature's helmet exploded, and its face excreted a blue liquid. The pieces of fragmented helmet fell down on Donovan, who couldn't figure out was happening. Then, the other side of the creature's head exploded, and the creature stumbled back. By now, the thing's helmet had been completely destroyed, and its mangled face looked at Donovan angrily. It pointed its gun at him again, ready to shoot. Then, the creature's whole head fell back, as the top of its forehead shattered, spraying blue blood everywhere. The creature stumbled a bit, before falling on its back, and going limp. Another figure came from behind Donovan, and he figured out the source of the creature's demise.
A man dressed in green camouflage stepped towards the creature's body. The man was holding a rifle, the barrel smoking as it hovered over the creature.
"You like that, ya bloody bastard?" The man said. He must have been shooting the creature as it was about to shoot Donovan, hence the creature's helmet exploding.

The man turned to look at Donovan.
"Are you okay, sir?" The man said over the explosions going on around them. Donovan found that his hearing had come back, and nodded at the man.

"Good. Listen," The man began talking, "I'm Sergeant James Freeman, I'm with the 47th Infantry Division. We're starting a city wide evacuation. We have to get out of here, and quickly."
James saw that Donovan's arm was caught under the motor, and promptly pulled it off. Donovan looked down at his arm, and cried out in pain when he saw the gashes it had made on his arm. James pulled Donovan up, and that was when Donovan got a full view of what was happening.
Explosions still going on, there was a new threat in the city. The objects in the sky were troop carriers of some sort, and they had began dropping in alien infantry.
Donovan looked over at what was left of Arthur's car, and suddenly his mind was full of panic. Oh God, where the hell are Arthur and Maria? Are they okay? Donovan had wanted to ask the soldier, but he couldn't seem to get the words out of his mouth. He looked back at the wreckage, and noticed a hand coming from behind the car. Donovan felt like he was going to faint, and clutched Sgt. Freeman even harder.

"What is it, sir?"
Donovan couldn't talk, but he pointed over to where he saw the hand. James looked over and saw it, too.

"Who is it?"
Donovan shrugged his shoulders. He could only fear the worst.
As they approached the body, Donovan had noticed an entire group of soldiers, probably in James' group. They were fighting against the alien soldiers, exchanging fire behind the rubble caused by the explosions. They stood next to an armored vehicle, which Donovan assumed would be his way out. They approached the body, and Donavan could make out the face.

It was Maria.
Her body was laying there, motionless, face down on the ground. He was about to collapse, when he saw a small movement coming from her. She was breathing! Donovan felt a huge weight being lifted off of him. But he couldn't see Arthur anywhere. Before Donovan and James had time to grab her, an orb of blue light struck down behind them, sending Donovan to the ground head first.

He blacked out almost instantly.

He faded back into consciousness. He found himself hazily looking at the ceiling of the armored vehicle. He looked over to see Maria laying next to him. She looked to be alive, but unconscious.

He blacked out again

He came back to find himself in a hospital. He saw that he was attached to some strange machines and an IV tube.

He blacked out.

He came back to see Maria laying in the hospital bed next to him. The bed sheet was covered in blood, and the doctors were moving franticly to operate on her.

He blacked out again.

When he came to again, He was in a different hospital room. He looked around and saw that he was no longer hooked up to anything. He also noticed that Maria was no longer next to him. He got up and balanced himself and, hearing noises coming from the door, proceeded into the adjacent room.
He found a waiting room, full of injured people. Women and children crying. Men holding themselves together, almost literally. In the corner, he saw Maria chatting with one of the nurses. He was overjoyed to see that she was okay. He walked up and called her name. She turned, and almost instantaneously ran up to him and hugged him as hard as she could. They shared a couple of long kisses, and began talking to each other.

"Oh my God, Maria. I thought I lost you."
Maria smiled up at him. She had a couple of cuts on her face. The scar running down her face had healed significantly, but still showed. Donovan smiled back, and they kissed again.

Out of the corner of his eye, Donovan saw James Freeman and Arthur talking. Arthur! He survived! Donovan and Maria ran up, and Maria hugged Arthur. Donovan shook James' hand, not sure of what to say. After all, this was the man that saved his life.

"Glad to see you two are okay." James said.
"Thanks to you, of course." Donovan said and looked over at Maria and Arthur. They continued to hug each other as James and Donovan walked off in a different direction.

"So where are we?" Donovan looked around confusedly.
"In an air hospital." James said.

"Well, I knew we were in a hos- wait.....did you just say 'air hospital'?" Donovan stopped and looked at James.

James sighed, "Come on, I've got something to show you."

Donovan followed James down the hallway, and they turned down a dark hallway, and then turned down an even darker hallway. Donovan felt a chill run down his spine, much like when he first stepped outside before this all happened.
They approached a large, metal door. It was a thick door, framed on all sides by brackets and locks. next to the door was a small keypad. James walked up the pad, and slid a keycard in it, and punched in a couple of numbers. The door beeped loudly, and a light above the door flickered on, and turned green.
James grabbed a hold of the large handle on the door, and looked back at Donovan.

"Are you ready?"

Donovan looked at him nervously, "Yeah."

James grunted as he pulled the door open. A small draft breezed through the door. Donovan looked through, but could only see grey. James gestured for him to walk through the door, and stepped out himself. Donovan followed him out.

He stepped out and walked out onto the little platform that hung below the door. He looked around, and what he saw was unsettling.

They were in a small airplane, flying over a body of water. The water stretched out in every direction, but Donovan could faintly see in the distance a patch of land that was smoldering and burning down. Donovan looked at James, who was leaning against the wall of the plane.

"What is that?" Donovan said, pointing to the island.
James looked at him gravely.

"That's Britain."

Donovan felt his stomach drop, and could feel himself getting light headed. All of Britain was in ruin. He could still hear the screams of people in his head. He shook his head harshly, trying to regain control of himself. He looked back down to see they were still over the water. He turned back towards James.

"Where are we going?" He said weakly, trying to keep himself up.

"We were heading to America, to a potential safe zone in New York City."

"What do you mean, 'were' heading? What's wrong?"

James looked behind Donovan, and nodded for him to turn around and look. Donovan swung around, and saw that they were approaching land. It was New York. High above the buildings, Donovan could see explosions going off, and he could see people running around feebly. The entire city was in chaos.

"THAT'S why." James said.

"Oh my God, its--"
The plane suddenly wobbled, pushing Donovan and James around outside. They were holding onto the railing, so they were fine.
Donovan and James looked around, and saw smoke coming from one of the wings.

"What the hell just happened?" Donovan looked at James.

"We've been hit!" James yelled out.

"Hit? Hit by what?"

James pointed upwards, "By that."

Donovan looked up.
The large black ships filled the sky. They were all over the sky, as far as Donovan could see. They were suspended in air, just hovering. Thousands of them. They hovered over the small plane.
Donovan felt the air get colder, and a chill ran up him again. He continued to look at the ships.
A blue light sparkled underneath the ships. A deafening noise rang out. Donovan clutched his ear with his free hand. James let go of the railing and put both hands to his ears. Another shot hit the plane and it shook violently. Donovan and James were pushed around again. Donovan still held on, and regained his balance. James lost control of himself, and went tumbling over the railing. He tried desperately to hold on to the outer rail, but lost his grip.
James dropped down, and fell off the plane, spiraling towards the burned out ground of New York City below them. Donovan looked back up.

The ships had another blue light. He heard another splitting noise, and clutched his ear again. Then silence.

He knew what came next. He looked back up at the ships. One of the ships shot their blue light down at the plane, heading directly towards Donovan. He felt his knees grow weak, and got light headed as the his view started spinning.

Donovan blacked out before the impact.


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