A Time For Dreams and Nightmares

Many times when I wake, I can never remember my dream or nightmare. I know that it's buried deep down inside me, and one little thing that someone says or does makes me remember it. In my dreams or nightmares, it mainly consists of the people I know or things I want to forget; so names will be changed and the rest will stay the same, so without further audi; here are my dreams and nightmares.

Chapter 1

Best Friends and A Horror Flick

[Texting Jessica with Mike reading the message]

Me: Hey Jessica! How's piano and ballet going for you?

Jessica: Hey Dezz! It's pretty good, but I could totally use a break..

Me: Then you should go to the movies with Mike and I

Jessica: That sounds great!

Me: The movie's at 9 and we're seeing 'Warm Bodies'.

Jessica: Alright, I'll meet you guys there.

"Who's Jessica?" Mike, my boyfriend asked, "She's my friend from Biology, you know, Freshman year?" "Oh yeah, her." "Mike, I've never talked about her and you're two years older than me. There's no way you'd know what I was talking about." He smiled, "I know. Now go get ready." And I left him...

"Jessica?" "Mike?" "You two know each other?" I asked astounded, "Yeah, we used to date." Mike said, "Yeah, but it was nothing serious." Jessica finished, and they both looked at each other and smiled. 'I don't like the way Mike is looking at her. He only looks at me all lovingly.'

"What kind of candy do you guys want?" "Gummy bears!" I said, "Snow Caps!" Jessica said, "And popcorn!" Jessica and I said together. THe cashier rang us up and before Mike and I could reach for our wallets, she already had hers out and paid. "I owe you one Jessica." Mike said, "No you don't." Jessica replied to him, smiling, and Mike gave her my special smile..

We decided to sit in the back. Mike held my hand the entire time and as the movie progressed, I began to relax. I eventually had to go to the bathroom and I told Mike. When I returned, I saw Mike holding Jessica in an embrace that he only does to me. I watched him as he looked down to her and she looked up to him and I watched as their lips met. They were making out in the back of the theater and my heart broke into a million pieces.

As I cried I walked out into the pouring rain; trying to forget my ex- boyfriend whom I had for two years, my so called "best friend and lab partner" who swore she'd never hurt me and she did, and the zombie movie that I saw, "Stupid movie fear." And I wrote a note addressed to Mike and I walked home.

Before I knew it, I made it home, but this big house that loomed in front of me wasn't mine. It was Mike's home. I stood there and I saw a bright light from a truck, and before I knew it, I saw nothing.

I woke up to an annoying beeping noise and I found I was in a hospital. My family was there and Mike and his family were there too also with Jessica. I cried and screamed and my heart rate went through the roof. A nurse came in to sedate me.

I woke up later and my dad, Anthony, Mike's dad, Richard, Mike, and Jessica were in the room. Dad put his palm to my forehead, "What happened sweety?" "I saw a movie with Mike and Jessica and I went to the bathroom and when I came back, they were making out and I walked to Mike's house and then I saw a truck and then nothing." I began to sob and the dads looked at Mike and Jessica and I heard yelling, and I fell into a deep, dark sleep.


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