The Rebel

An idea inspired by a story made by Layla_District4 or You_Are_Special theres the link its super good!! read that first before you read this
This little section is a sort of Prologue to the story above and it explains how the Dictator goes into hiding.

Chapter 1

Strong Hearted

Hundreds of thousands of people watched. At home on their TV's, in the parks on massive screens or actually there at the square. The whole Nation watching.

They watched the girl on the stage elevated on a podium with chains locking her arms and legs. Her head hung low, her eyes closed, her dirty blonde hair covering her face, dark circles under her eyes showed lack of sleep, beads of sweat dripped from her forehead and bloodied gashes lined her arms, legs and cheeks, her nose bleeding. She wore ripped shorts and a black vest top with dark blood stains.

The crowds watched her. Some with disgust at the Dictators cruelty, some with pity, some told there friends that she got what she got, some just watched with admiration of her strength, some sat silent not knowing what to think of the poor sight of the 17 year old girl before them. But none could tear their eyes away from the stage.

Then the Dictator himself came onto the stage. His long deep purple an red robes dragged along the floor as his black boots clunked across the hard surface of the stage.

Usually people would be clapping and screaming at his presence, but not this time. This was no time for celebration.

Everyone seemed to lean in closer as their leader spoke. All of the Nation was silent, each man, woman and child holding their breaths. Not even infants broke out in cries.

"My people! Today you shall see what will become of you if you decide that my methods of leading is not satisfactory. This girl decided my leading wasn't good enough. She burned down buildings, she used graffiti to stain my statues and home, she forced innocent simple minded people to join in her sins. She will pay today. And she will pay with her life." The whole of the nation gasped at these words.

Then the girl laughed. At first it was just a chuckle then she laughed harder. It was a horrible rasping sound like the moment when you think you're going to die or nails being dragged down a black board.

The Dictator stiffened at the sound. His shoulders tensed and there was a flicker of annoyance that showed in his features, but it quickly dissipated.

"Would you like to share with us what you find so hilarious." The word hilarious was injected with a venom so foul the entire Nation seemed to shrink and cower. There leader wasn't known for his kindness and soft heartened moments.

"The idea that you will actually succeed in killing me, it just tickles my funny bone." The girl says with unexpected wit and defiance. The crowd dares to laugh at her comment.

The Dictator looks at his people with such ferocious chagrin silence falls.
"HOW DARE YOU DEFY MY POWER!" The Dictators raw rolls over the crowds like a thunder clap. A big vain popping out of his forehead. He pulls out a gun and points it at her head.

But all the girl does on the podium is laugh again, still not bringing her face up to look upon the audience. Not reacting at all like someone should if a tyrant known for slaughter aimed a weapon at their head.

The face of the Dictator contorted into such anger and outrage at the girls laughs and cheek, mirrors would cry out in pain and shatter.

"Speak your last words, filth." The Dictator spits.
It was customary for convicts to be able to say their final farewells to the people they love.

The girls head lifts, blood trickles down from her cuts and nose. And her voice reaches out to every person listening, it reaches into their hearts and soul.

"I will be gone for a long while. But when I return I will fight for you. And for some I shall fight with you. I will drive this tyrant out to the depths of hell from where he came.
Don't ever loose hope and remember me and remember today. Remember that you shouldn't ever give in. This devil shouldn't control you or refuse you your opinions and rights! You shouldn't stand down to this man! Open your eyes and see him for what he is," she extended her arm and the chains clanked as she pointed at the Dictator, "He is a monster out to cut and kill anyone who defy's his opinion or power," she now addresses him, "You will pay for treating these innocent people as you do. And I won't EVER stop fighting. I am to stubborn to ever not fight against someone who kills my whole family for no good reason! My heart will live in my brethren long after I am deceased and for thousands of centuries after! You may send out spies to catch my people. You may try to keep us under control. But your attempts will be or NOTHING. Your catchers will fail and you WILL be over thrown," she then takes her pointed arm away from the Dictators direction and puts both arms in the air pointing to the people and addressing them again, "Keep fighting, and I'll see you at the end my friends."

Then a bang echos through the square and his heard through the TV's and gadgets as a smoke bomb is released. Screams and coughing are heard through out the people in the square. All are blind and confused.

When the haze clears all watchers see what is on the podium.

A hexagon with axes crossing in the center a blaze with fire. And the girl vanished. All that is left of her is the chains she bore.

After the incident with the smoke bomb the Dictator was never seen face to face by the outside world. Most suspect that he hides from the rebels.
The symbol that was seen by the whole of the Nation is now the symbol of the rebels.
The Dictator called the robots used to find rebels Catchers in irony of The Hexagons speech and to prove that the Catchers wouldn't fail.
The Hexagon, the rebel girls name known by everyone, was never seen after the display. The rebels believe that she is either in one of the rebel groups disguised or in hiding waiting for the time when the full scale rebellion will take part and she will come and lead them into victory.


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