My Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions and Random Things No One Will Read

Don't get mad at me for any of these.

Chapter 1

Bucket List

I want to do many things before I die, including...

[ ]1. Make Youtube videos.

[ ]2. Go to Australia and meet HowToBasic.

[ ]3. Adopt a kid.

[ ]4. Become Bat Mitzvah-ed.

[ ]5. Find more than five dollars on the street in one week.

[ ]6. Participate in one of the mp3 missions.

[ ]7. Become a veterinarian or zoologist.

[ ]8. Bake a cherry pineapple pie.

[ ]9. Dye my hair blue.

[ ]10. Change my name to Blue.

[ ]11. Eat the cherry pineapple pie.

[ ]12. Finish this bucket list!

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