Okay um I want to um apologize for last night

Chapter 1

:( :(

by: 1Dsavedme
Okay so um last night I was a bit drunk :p okaaaay maybe alot, but it was at a wedding and I didn't know the fruity drink was achol. But there are some true facts in that story.
1. I do cut
2. I don't know who the Beatals are
3. I love 1D
4. JB is okay
So my true story is tht I'm just having a really hard time my mom is moving out and leaving me with my dad. He is really abusie. I have been pregnate but my baby died. I had a boyfriend he was 17 I'm 15 he left me when he found out I was pregnat. I wish I could tell every one my story tht was insulted by my last one but I can't all I can do is hope you read this.


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