Show Me

For that one person in your life, who seems to always be there for you and is able to show you the way and make you learn things in life that you would never think you could learn or relearn.

So for me, I wanted to thank the people in my life who have showed me the ways.

Show Me

Chapter 1

Show Me

Show me the way
on how to love and play.
Show me the path
on how to control my wrath.

The past is too strong
for me to keep holding on,
but with the help of you
I can see what is true.

So show me the direction
on how to live and show affection
instead of being that girl
who is scared to shine and be a pearl.

The ways of life
had started to lead me towards the knife
until you popped up and showed me
on how to be happy and create my own glee.

So show me just one more time
and I promise you, this time I'll climb.
Just show me the way,
please, show me the way.


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